Thursday, January 28, 2010

Bird Missile


With the release of "Tatsunoko vs Capcom: Ultimate All Stars" you can be sure to see plenty of parody videos based upon the different Anime shows the characters represent. The first video below is one of the first. It features Ken the Eagle and Condor Joe doing something that is an almost every day occurrence on the show "Science Ninja Team: Gatcgaman"

-- TvC UAS: Ken and Joe fight over when to shoot the Bird Missile --

-- A Really Cute but Deranged Parody --

Note: I have no idea what Anime this is but I simply love this parody. Its spot on, even down to the faux Gatchaman music. You have to watch this video!

-- The Real Deal --

Note: In this scene Ken and Joe aren't fussing over the missile but you get an idea on how intense the writers made the Bird missile seem.


  1. Fire the BIRD MISSILE!!!!!!!!!

  2. The anime in the middle video is Nurse Witch Komugi. As for the bird missile, you, it was always pretty intense. You would have thought it was a nuclear missile, but according to Joe, it wasn't much more than a normal missile. That anime was so bad it was good.