Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Why The X-Box 360 Sucks


Today I was spending some time on Youtube and ran into one of the coolest guys online! Check out this video by Shokio. It has a lot of valid points.

(Wii) The Grinder E3 Demo Walkthrough Footage


-- Sheer Awesomeness! --

Here's some footage of the E3 demo level of "The Grinder" (Wii). Just in case you are new to things or forgot, "The Grinder" is one of the two new Wii games announced by High Voltage Studios. The other HVS game is "Gladiator A.D." Be sure to look out for info on both of these games as the year goes along. Note, this is footage of a game that will more than likely be a "mature" rated title. Viewer discretion is advised.

Michael Patcher strongly believes in a "disc-less" gaming future


Thanks to "gameindustry.biz" for these quotes from famed video game industry analyst Michael Patcher. It looks like the guy is hoping too hard for the end of disc based gaming.

-- Quote 1 --

"In ten years, we envision a world where the typical console has a terabyte or more of storage, and where full game downloads are the norm," the report states.

-- Quote 2 --

"There will always be a sizeable number of consumers who value the trade-in option and portability, and we expect those consumers to favour physical goods over digital downloads. Thus, we expect that digital downloads will represent less that 50 per cent of total game sales in ten years' time."

-- Quote 3 --

"We think that the poster child for this scenario is Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360, a game first sold in physical form, with additional levels sold periodically thereafter through downloads. After a tepid embrace of its first downloadable episode, Take-Two decided to offer the first and second episodes in a combined physical package, with the two episodes allowing full game play without the purchase of the original GTA IV game disc.

-- Quote 4 --

"This model reinforces our belief that packaged goods will capture the majority of game purchases for the next ten years."

- With those quotes said I would love for you all to fill me in on your thoughts. Personally I love disc based media. I feel more in control of my media when its on something physical then when its a download that is "licensed" to me.

Spectrobes: The Novel?


Disney's answer to Pokemon, Spectrobes, is now entering into the literal world with its first novel; "Spectrobes: First Contact" It was only a matter of time until the company started to supplement the Nintendo DS/DSi and upcoming Wii games with another media outlet. I'm hoping to see a television show soon. Maybe we will see one on Disney's "XD" channel.

"Spectrobes: First Contact" will be followed by a second book, "Spectrobes: Rise of the Ancient". The two books, available now, follow the storyline of the first two Nintendo DS/DSi titles. The third book "Spectrobes: Origins", will be released in August. Perfect timing for the release of the Wii game, sharing the same respective name. A fourth book, "Spectrobes: The Ultimate Returns", is scheduled for release on November 3rd. If each book is following a the story of a released game, one can only speculate if the fourth book will be following another game or kick starting something else.

Coming Soon


I'm working on my review of The Conduit. If I can pry myself away from the game, long enough, there's a good chance that the review will be up tomorrow evening. I'm going through a lot and could use some cheering up. Granted, I'm staying strong. The bad times wont last forever. Expect a influx of gaming news tonight...

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life is Too Short...


Farah and Michael in the same day... It's not only shocking and depressing but it makes you think about a lot. First off I owe Ten-Chan an apology. While I was acting like a spoiled brat I really wasn't thinking much about the words that were exiting my mouth. I can totally understand if you never want to hear from me again but I'm dearly sorry. To the ones who are close to me, if you never hear me say it you can read it now. You all mean so much to me. We don't always agree or get to spend time together but I love you all dearly. Yes, even when we do drive each other nuts. To my little princess. You're too young to read this but Papa loves and thinks about you every day. To your mother, we dont get along at times but I don't hate you. To everyone that has ever crossed paths with me. Please forgive the negative things I have done to you in the past and know that the positive things were always done with the best of intentions. To some of you who know me well, NO, I am not writing a will. As for how I feel right now. I can more than say that I'm confused, afraid and sad. Even with all of that I still remail hopeful. Besides, it's all I have these days. I hope for brighter days and I hope that one of these days I can better show my care for others. I hope that someone special knows how much my heart belongs to her, even when I act like a giant spoiled baby. To my friends, may our friendships last longer. To my little one, daddy will always be there for you. I think I finished saying whats I can say from my heart. Its a bit numb and hurting and I know that I lashed out on a few people but I'm truly sorry. Life is too short. If something happens to any of us (Friends, Family, Special Someone) I want you to know that I love you all with all of my heart.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Nine Minutes of "C.O.P The Recruit" Footage (DS/DSi)


Thanks to the people at Gamekyo for this wonderful footage! If you have been living in the dark this month, when it comes to DS related news, let me introduce you to "C.O.P The Recruit". Cop, is a brand new, open world, sandbox style game developed by Ubisoft for the Nintendo DS/DSi. If I had to describe this game in two words, those words would be "technical marvel." In the next nine mints you will see exactly why this game should not and most likely will not be ignored!

(Provided by IGN) Scribblenauts E3 Demo (DS/DSi)


When my Friend Lemon-Chan came up to me today and talked to me about this DS game called "Scribblenauts" at first I looked at him like he was slightly nuts but the concept did intrigue me. After watching this video (provided by IGN, linked to me by Lemon), I am honestly, now a believer! To every Nintendo DS/DSi owner out there; this is one video that you cant miss!

IGN Video Review of "The Conduit" (Wii)


Super Mario + Phat Beats = Awesomeness!


My friend Rekcah-Chan sent me this video of him adding a really cool beat to the music from "Super Mario Land" (Gameboy Classic). Totally check this video out! It will bring warm fuzzies to every Nintendo fan!

Sunday, June 21, 2009



My own words can't describe how I'm feeling so I'm leaving it up to Aly and Aj. Take it away girls!

They're Here


No! I'm not going to ruin it by telling you who's here. Just watch for yourself!

Ghost 1/3

Ghost 2/3

Ghost 3/3

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Still Up...


I don't know why. It's 12:05 am and I'm still up watching "Wrestlemania 24". There's this guy who is hosting every SmackDown brand WWE episode from 2002 to 2007 on his Justin.tv channel. That also includes pay per views related to the SmackDown brand. Anywho. I can't sleep. I'm so frustrated. She actually had the nerve to message me. For what? To "see how I'm doing?" I call total bull on that but I have stronger words that I just wont say. Shoot I consider my use of the word "frack" is a bit harsh for a somewhat "family friendly" blog. Speaking of family friendly I'm thinking about rating my blog post. I think doing so might be interesting. maybe I'll use the ESRB system, especially since this is partially a Nintendo blog. Oh well, I'll be around...

Friday, June 19, 2009

Peaches, Peaches and More Peaches. Just Peachy!


Frankly I have had one to many peaches in one week. I'm tired of peaches. I could be mean and start throwing peaches at other people but why lower myself to that level? Its funny how some people after giving you a peach come back to you to see if you're liking your peach. In response, "I hate peaches, especially yours." More often than not, nobody gets how I feel. Its sickening how people think they can do something to you, expect for you to act a certain way because they think it's "mature" and then look at you weird because you react the way you do. Honestly I really don't care. My level of care is at "zero level". There are no magical potions or extra "Hit Points" or magical boxes that spew out mushrooms. Right now nothing is going to rise my "care level". I'm not going to play "friendship" I wouldn't dare think of putting someone through what I been through for the past months. Well, with all of that said, hopefully next week will be better. At least I have things to look forward to...

Tomorrow (I know it's technically not next week) All NEW episode of "Power Rangers RPM"

Sunday - Fathers Day! I want to see my little one soo badly!

Monday - 2 hours of commercial free "WWE: Monday Night RAW"

Tuesday - "The Conduit" (Wii). After two LONG years of waiting, FINALLY this game gets released! ...oh, and lets not forget a new episode of ECW

Wednesday - I dunno... I'll figure out something

Thursday - "WWE: Superstars"

Friday - "WWE: Friday Night SmackDown"

Saturday - My Birthday!!!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Maybe I Should Give Up


I'm just so tired. I didn't go outside today because I'm still hurting. Then again, why should I? The only thing waiting for me out there is more disappointment. I keep wondering if all of this is even worth it. Nobody ever visits me. Nobody wants me and nobody cares about me. I could not say a word to anybody for a whole week and nobody would make a effort to contact me. My emotions are a blur. On one side there's the hurt of rejection. On the other side there's the anger towards life. How does one stay strong when they have been stepped on so many times. Will I ever find someone who wants me for me and not because of what I have or don't have or my status or because they can get something off of me? I'm tired and its looking like I'll always be by myself so why should I keep going if things are going to be this way?

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Some Things Shall Pass Away...


There comes a time in everybody's life where you learn where people stand in regards to you. There is that time where people will leave or abandon you. Maybe its because of some false idea or because of something you did or because they just couldn't hack it. Whatever the reason is, that is the time you have to stay strong and say "SCREW IT!" I'm going through that right now. My heart is completely broken. I'm second guessing everything and like always a part of me is gone. Sadly its the last part of me. I think this kitty's time in the wild is over. I don't have anything left so where do I go from here? A lot of people say that when you're at your lowest of lows, there's nowhere to go but up.

Today I make a new decree. I'm ending friendships that should have been ended. I'm done with my needs never being met. If you are too afraid to be around me because I'm so different then don't come near. If you cant respect me for my thoughts and my feelings then stay away. Most of all if I have to put more time into contacting you then you do in contacting me, forget it! I'm done. If I'm going to move on then some sort of barrier needs to be made. I'm going up the mountain to talk to my conscious and when I come back down I'm bringing back "The Lighty Commandments". I'm going on a "mutha-fracking" crusade and, WATCH OUT, because if you get in my way, there will be fire and brimstone!

In conclusion, My heart just got colder. My shell just got harder and if you dare try to break through, you better be worth it because, it's going to be a long while before I ever trust anyone again! That's right I said it... this goes for everybody! I... DO... NOT... TRUST... YOU! Frankly as far as I'm concerned, nobody on this planet is deserving of my trust.

Monday, June 15, 2009



I'm hungry, really hungry. More like craving. I don't want anything else except blueberries. Put them in a nice warm pie and bring it here. I want to take a huge bite and munch it all until there's nothing left. I want to watch your lovely face while I indulge. Hold me tight and feed me. My tummy is growling very loud. It's yelling, "feed me!" I can't think of anything else. My body aches without food but, I only want blueberries from you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drowning and I Love It


Curious? I always was. Well, at least for as long as I have known you. It's that curiosity that has led me to this beautiful sea of water on a steaming hot day. At first I wasn't so sure. I was afraid of my reaction, afraid of the possible danger. I waded in the water, ankle deep, getting a good feel of you. In that moment I discovered that the risk was worth it. I begin to step deeper. Sometimes your waves scared me but I held my ground. Eventually the cold touch of the water gave way to the warmness below. Your warmness inside. Waist deep then chest deep and eventually I decided to go in all the way. I closed my eyes, fearing the truth but, come to find out, when I opened my eyes the truth was beautiful. Underneath the the cold tip was a warm blue sea of happiness. A feeling I have never felt before. You worry about drowning, I'm already there and I don't want to leave. You oxygen bubbles keep me alive as you submerge me. My own personal heaven, the outside does not matter and never has. Every bit of being here brings a new surprise, something beautiful to see. I never want to leave. Drowning in you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Take me deeper and don't let the waves push me away. I want to explore and see everything, and know all about you...

Back in Gear!


After 2 weeks of repeats, Disney is back on track with brand new episodes of "Power Rangers RPM". Here is episode 14, "Embodied". Quick note, something cool happens before the end...

Embodied 1/3

Embodied 2/3

Embodied 3/3

NOBODY Gets It!!!!


-- Some people NEED to read this to understand why I am so mad today!!! --

I just wasted three DVD-R disc back to back because of a failed burn or bad information. I JUST got "Tiger Woods 10" to finish its download after waiting ONE WHOLE WEEK. The first disc becomes a bad burn because I was trying to close two apps and was being bombarded with IMs at the same time. The second disc burns correctly but wont load on my Wii either through the "Disc Channel" or through the "Backup Loader" channel. The third disc, I was going to place the game image on there as a data disc, take it over to windows and burn a fourth disc (that I would grab from Auntie) as a game disc.

Well, whoop de fracking do, the third disc goes all coaster on me and that burn gets botched up. ALL THREE disc that I purchased this week are all wasted. How would you feel if you were downloading a movie, or a music cd or some work, only had THREE disc to use and did NOT have any extra money to buy more then, all of your THREE disc frack up on you?!?! You wouldn't feel so good now would you? Maybe I should just chill like most people are saying but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about the situation. Everybody wants me to have sympathy for them when bad things happen well, I would expect the same from everybody else. They were not "just disc" They were going to be my copies of "Tiger Woods 10", "Grand Slam Tennis" and "Virtua Tennis 2009" and now I'm empty handed. Its not the fact that they were just simple disc that mattered but the intention and the data they were to be used for. next time one of your DVD movies or a CD breaks and someone tells you that they were "just disc", remember this post...

The Lamest Sunday EVER!


-- Going Crazy --

My thoughts are all over the place! Well, not all over the place but on one subject and all over the place, within that subject. My body is shaking. I can hardly sleep and I can hardly breathe. I've been at it for two weeks. Put my thoughts to rest! I love them but now they make my body go haywire. I don't know how to express this so I'm trying this route. I don't know how to further approach this so I'm telling you now. I need my thoughts put to rest.


-- Tiger Woods 10 --

(12:50 pm) ...I swear if the time on this download gets any higher I'm going to bust. I mean bust in that mad. angry, annoyed way. I haven't waited this long on a 4Gb download since the days where I used to use a generator to power up my old apartment. Back in those days, I used to have to ration computer time so that all the gas in the tank wouldn't be sucked up. This damn thing was, supposed to have been done by now. Now it fluctuates between a ETA of 2 and 3 hours. Talk about annoying.

-- Company --

(1:00 pm) ...It would be so nice to have some company today but I guess the chances of that are slim. Its lonely here at times. I don't always want to play with my Wii games by myself...

-- Pizza --

(1:55 pm) ...I don't know why but for some reason I'm craving for pizza. a quick $5.00 pizza from Little Caesars would hit the spot. It weird how things just suddenly hit you. BTW This has to be the most boring Sunday I have ever had.

-- Making Tea --

(3:03 pm) ...Just finished making a batch of tea. I didn't want to waste the excess from the first bottle so I decided to make another batch and leave that in my blue pitcher. I ran out of sugar to complete the second batch so its staying in the pitcher as a W.I.P. Hopefully nobody decides to raid my fridge and decides to drink my unfinished tea.

-- 99 Percent --

Why is it that torrent downloads almost ALWAYS hang at 99% ?! I swear, I just don't get it. A second ago I only had 29 minutes on this download and now it's up to 52 minutes. Talk about wanting to pull my hair out. BTW I'm still craving for pizza!

Friday, June 12, 2009



My heart is crumbling to pieces. You hate me yet, I love you so dearly. They are not just words but how I feel. I would give all that I own to take that day back but I can't. I can only ask for your forgiveness and hope that things will move on. I am beyond sorry that things got so sour. I love you. I would walk barefoot on lava rocks for you. I just don't want you to hate me. I'm not perfect. I am far from perfect but I have never lied to you. Please! Talk to me. Please! Don't go away. Please...

Live and Love, it's All I Can Do.


-- Little Princess--

Went to see my little princess (daughter) today. Looks like she's doing fine. As usual, just being cheerful, and exploring everything that's in her sight. We spent most of the time playing "peek-a-boo". She has this thing where she loves to grab my hands and make me cover my face so I can open my hands and give her a silly look. Its sweet watching her giggle. She's my world. Things haven't been easy this year but nobody should ever doubt how much I love her. There are days where I beat myself up because I can't do everything I wish I could do. I still love her...

-- Some Dreams are not Real --

Speaking of love, I think that a very important someone thinks that I'm all talk and no action. The thing is I will admit that I have done something I should never have done but, it doesn't change the fact that she's important to me. "You ask me to trust you then, TRUST ME". I have never lied to you and don't plan on making it a habit. I have been the most open to you than any other person I have ever met in life. I care about you and you mean a great deal. Lemon-Chan and I were talking today. I was telling him about how I was worried that you don't believe my feelings and then we were reminded of how often I talk about you. Lemon even made a mention of how, we would have a wrestling conversation and I would always find some way to bring the convo back to you. Don't believe that? Ask my aunt about how often I talk about you. Sure, its not a matter of just talking but for me its my way of expressing my feelings. To me its like having a neon red light over my head and walking in a dark alley while the words "I love her" are flashing. You can't miss it! Thing is, what I feel is true. Believe what you want. I will say this, I'm hurt that you don't understand...

-- Someone or Something is Watching Over Me --

Lately, I can't help but to have this feeling that something is watching over me. Just when I think everything is going to go haywire something or someone pops out of nowhere and the situation gets a bit better. My life is far from easy. There are days where I don't even know where my next meal will come from but it does. I don't know how exactly to explain it. Things are in the traditional sense bad yet I have this feeling that I will be all right. Maybe its because I have gone through worse situations. Or the fact that I face death every time I'm riding my bike. Maybe I'm finally learning to stop worrying so much and to let things be. Whatever it is, its there. I'll accept this feeling and keep living. Besides, its all I can do. Lemon-Chan, thank you for your help today and, tell your family I said "thank you" also. I don't have enough digits to count the number of times that your family has helped me. Most of you know, I don't have a"religious affiliation" but, there was this one bible verse that came into mind while I was thinking about all of this. Its funny how some things from your childhood stay with you...

- Matthew 6:25-27 -

25“Therefore I tell you, do not worry about your life, what you will eat or drink; or about your body, what you will wear. Is not life more important than food, and the body more important than clothes? 26Look at the birds of the air; they do not sow or reap or store away in barns, and yet your heavenly Father feeds them. Are you not much more valuable than they? 27Who of you by worrying can add a single hour to his life?

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Just Being Me...FINALLY!


Before I start I know full well that what I'm about to say may make some people happy for me and others disappointed in me but in the end, these words need to be said. Rekcah-Chan and JerZ-Chan I want to say thank you. Rekcah, you have been saying it for years and JerZ you bashed it into my head this morning. This time, I need to take that advice. I need to just be myself. The problem with a majority of my life is that I spent too much of it trying to make other people happy. Sure, I tend to be happy when people I care about are happy but until today Ive always did that to an extreme where my own happiness didn't matter. Those days are over. I'm tired of not being the real me! everyone thinks I'm a negative person and I might just seem like it. I'm only that way because I was so worried about play a facade for others. Ive spent so many years setting aside my beliefs and values for others, to accommodate to make them not disappointed at me. Frankly, like John Cena says, "I DON'T CARE!"

Friendships and every other type of relationship MUST include mutual respect or they will never work. That is, respect for feelings, thoughts, beliefs and values. I'm different and I think the way I do because I am me. It never means that I will trample upon your value system, and it doesn't make me any less worthy to be looked at, cared about and even loved by the masses around me. To many people spend time hating on each other and their selves because they're so damn worried with trying to fit a image. There have been to many wars fought because someone wants to push their ideas on someone else. What people NEED to learn is to just love themselves and each their of who they are. Everything else is irrelevant. There is a reason we all think differently and its evident every day that no one answer is the final answer. I believe that the truth is a culmination of everything we know.

Back to me for a moment. With all of that said, I am also learning more about myself. I think I'm starting to gain a spiritual side but not in the way that some will hope. I went to church this past Sunday for the first time in four years. I just wanted to check a few things out. I even found it to be uplifting. I was thinking to myself how fun it would be to spend this month checking out all the religions. Something to do for exploratory purposes. I had a dosage of Christianity this past Sunday but I'm hoping to check out Islam and Judaism next week. Of course I would check them out if I can find worship places within my traveling means. I just want to observe. I think after I knock those two out I'll check out Buddhism and Hinduism. I don't want to be tied to one idea or answer, even if its one that I have thought was right for so many years.

As for the Church I went to, this past Sunday, I would very much like to go back. It was comforting. Compared to my last experience with a church, I like the "big" setting better. I find that smaller churches where everybody knows each other, tends to bring about a lot of personal issues. Spiritualism should be about your own personal connection to whatever it is you believe in. A person shouldn't have to worry about impressing others in a place of worship. Well with all of that said, I'm feeling mixed. Mostly positive but a few negative bytes linger. The only real negative is the fact that I would love to feel wanted today. It would be nice to have someone bug me and constantly pop in on me and ask me a bunch or random, nearly nagging questions about my day. Just once. I just want to be adored. Sure I can be pretty damn vain when it comes to beauty and attention. Lemon-Chan once called me a "camera wh*re". Appropriately said during a time when I was snapping loads of pictures of myself with a newly purchased Nintendo DSi. Aside from that, I love myself!

I'm sweet, caring, goody and even "dainty". I collect plushies, play and love Nintendo, watch anime (especially the ones of the chick flick, super hero variety), can perform every Power Rangers morph call and a good day of watching TV includes CNN. I love chocolate, drink "choco" cyrup mixed in strawberry soda, sometimes, I pick off my pizza toppings to eat them first before chowing on the sauce, cheese and dough. I AM ME! I can not be anything else. I LOVE ME! That's right, I said it! I LOVE ME!

Monday, June 8, 2009

Holding Onto "Swagger"


-- Another Monday Begins --

(10:45am) -got up this morning and made it here. I hate this place but I'm here. I probably wouldn't have so much contempt had it not been for the fact that Ive been here to many times. It's bad enough that I'm waiting but now, because of a fire alarm I'm back outside.

I'm trying my best to stay bright, to hold onto something someone called "swagger". I wont lie, its hard. Just too many bad memories are associated with this place. Even more sad is that, when I look around, I see the sad memories on the people here. A social, economical and legal system that is, what internet geeks like me would call, "Epic Fail".

On a slightly bright side, its kinda nice to be out in the sun again. It was freezing inside. The cold makes me, well, never mind. I just don't like cold environments. Another side note; if I ever get a hold of a camera and some costumes, I have to film a fight scene in front of this building. The setting is perfect!

-- Back to school --

(12:00pm) Stopped by Reynolds to get some enrolling information. Looks like tomorrow I'm going to have to get in contact with my old high school and college and get my transcripts. That shouldn't be much of a problem, I guess. The good thing is, it will be one step closer to a better future. The only other early problem I'm seeing is the placement test that all students must take. I'm wondering what subjects the test will cover. It's been a while since Ive been in a school environment, let alone one that's not a lax as ITT. Looks like I'll be doing some studying soon.

-- Right Now --

I'm still working on the Nintendo Conference article. Outside the blog I'm debating on what to make for dinner. From looking at my gas and electric bills I cant help but to be proud of myself. I'm damn good at energy conservation ! Well, that aside, I feel lovely, maybe slightly confused, maybe a bit worried but overall, lovely just lovely. I have a lot to be happy about. I'm here and for now, maybe I should just be glad I am. Who knows whats coming my way. Whatever it is, I've already been down, there's nowhere to go but up...

The Nintendo Conference


-- Enter, Cammie --

Nintendo's Executive Vice President, Cammie Dunaway enters the stage and starts off the conference by reminding the audience how popular gaming has become She states that gaming as a form of media has now become more popular than home movies, toys and music and theater. She continues by talking about how everyone in the immediate audience is professionally connected to gaming and that the success of their industry also depends on how well they perform. After, she goes into Nintendo's current philosophy. "Create, Surprise". She explains that a surprise can be that thing that is new and bold and makes a presence, something that cant be ignored simply because of its magnitude. She continues stating that a surprise can also be that small "shout" in a level. The little something that makes everything meaningful.

Cammie continues by telling the audience that Nintendo plans to bring new surprises through old and new content, characters and franchises and gives "Super Mario" as a example. This is when the audience is introduced to a Super Mario Montague and "New Super Mario Bros: Wii" is revealed. Bill Trinnen (Nintendo Treehouse division translator and game presenter), Cammie Dunaway and two other Nintendo Treehouse workers, demo the 4 player mode of the game.

-- The Balance Board Effect --

Cammie's next subject is the Wii balance board. She stated that the balance board alone has surpassed the sales of some major gaming systems that it's starting to be known by market analyst as its own gaming platform. Wii Fit has sold 15 million copies. Nintendo wanted to find ways to make the game easier to fit into your life and more official and the new "Wii Fit Plus" is their answer.

Wii Fit Plus

"Will Fit: Plus" will feature the following...

-New locker room feature
-6 new activities
-Players can now omit interludes to streamline activities
-Keep track of calories
-15 new balance games
-Fall of 2009 available with or without the balance board.

-- Wii Motion Plus --

Reggie Fils-Amie, president of Nintendo of America enters the stage to give us a chat about Nintendo's new peripheral, the "Wii Motion Plus". He goes on to say that Nintendo is always trying to find new ways for gamers to play; first introducing the Wii Remote, then the Nunchuck, Balance Board and now Motion Plus.

Reggie continues his speech by emphasizing that Nintendo and third parties strongly believe in this new peripheral and that there will be games that use Motion Plus. The following games listed are the first supporters

- Tiger Woods 10
- Virtua Tennis
- Grand Slam Tennis
- Wii Sports Resort

-- Wii Sports Resort Demo --

Bill Trinnen (Treehouse division) returns to the stage to give the audience a demo of Wii Sports Resort...

After the demo is completed Reggie makes the following 2 notes, showing that third party companies vew the Wii console as a oppertunity.

- More third party titles sold for Wii than any other platform with the DS/DSi brand coming in second.

- Red Steel 2 only playable with Motion Plus

-- Nintendo Knows RPG's --

FFCC The Crystal Bearers

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Golden Sun DS

-- Nintendo DSi --

Cammie returns to stage and begins talking about the Nintendo DS brand. Starting this summer, DSi owners will be able to upload pictures (taken with their DSi camera) to Facebook. After making that announcement Cammie continues with a factoid stating that; DSi sales have passed 1 million in the few months released and 400,000 more DS Lite units have been sold in the same time period. The following games were alsp apart of her Nintendo DS presentation...

Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion

C.O.P. The Recruit

Style Savy

Flip Note Studio

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3: Mini's March Again

WarioWare DIY

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

-- Vitality Sensor --

Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata takes the stage and talks about Nintendo's goal to provide a gaming experience that is catered to everyone. He

-- Super Mario Galaxy 2 --

Cammie returns to stage to drop the first of two big (hardcore) announcements...

-- 3rd Party Hardcore Games --

Reggie follows up and presents the audience with trailers for three games that he believes will satisfy the "hardcore" gaming audience. The following games are.

- The Conduit
- Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
- Dead Space Extraction

Note: you can find trailers HERE for the games listed as well as other games of interest.

-- The "M" Surprise! --

After talking about the "hardcore" games that will be provided by other companies, he was not exactly ready to end the show. The president of Nintendo of America left the audience with a bombshell announcement. A surprise, within something old. Once again, following up with Nintendo's philosophy of "Create, Surprise".

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Beyond Confused


As of today, I don't know anything anymore. I cant trust because I have lost my ability to trust. I feel like I'm always putting out. I'm tired of putting out. Always giving my all for a chance when that chance always turns into a failure. I'm just tired. My heart is a old dog of war and its time for it to rest. Sad part is I'm still young so what do I do? Do I keep walking the battlefield called human relationships to be shot up some more? Ive already had my foot cut off, my eye gouged out, my hands burned. I move through this battlefield hoping on one leg holding onto my cane called hope. The thing is, I hate this hope. It always tells me, "Get up! If we play things right, we can hop to the end of the field and get some medical help". Truth is, what would that help do? I'm already battered. The knife slashes all over my body, the many stab that pierced me. Each stab being from a comrade for their own survival, while I was busy giving out, trying to create "teamwork". There's no help for these wounds.

I cant keep moving on without some clear view of something that's worth it for me in the end. I'm asked to play the battlefield with new armor but what if its faulty? why play the field if the objective might not be that medical help that I need but someone waiting at the end to fire that final shotgun blast to the heart. Is it even worth risking more bullet wounds. I doubt that its going to be a nice sunny day and I will be able to walk to the end. I know my luck. This old dog will get hit many more times. Whats to stop me from closing up, finding some hole and staying there, alone yet safe? Problem is there's still that cane. That stupid, solid cane that yells "Get up". It haunts me. It makes me think of the other side. It makes me wonder if the risk is worth it.

I don't know anymore. I am confused. I am lost. I am wounded.If I trust will I hurt? If I get up will I be knocked down? If I step forward, will someone break me. I have given my all I just need rest. I NEED teamwork. So I make a decision in some ways and I don't make decisions in others. I can be honest with myself and say that I will NOT move without teamwork. Do I lose something in the process, maybe, maybe not. That's for other people to decide but this dog of war will not put out any longer. When this dog finds someone who will put out in the same way then and only then will I give. I know this, I didn't enter the battlefield for nothing. I entered holding onto my values. Those beliefs clearly state that if its worth it, then it's 50/50. If its truly love, it's 50/50. When things are lopsided, like all items it will falter and fall.

If there is something meaningful for me then I refuse to let my next try fall! If I have to complete the mission with this new suit of armor then the person providing the weapons needs to be next to the person using the weapon. Don't follow and look, don't just give me intel and be a back seat soldier. Pull out that damn gun and fire! If we survive we survive together, both giving equal heart to the fight. If one gives more than the other then we DON'T survive and that war called human relationships will have beaten us. So I'm here, waiting on the one who will give 50/50 but I will NOT move until then. Will I be wrong, I don't know but you know what, I know something. If it's love, it's 50/50

The Sony Conference


-- PSP Go! --

Lets get started with the worst kept secret in video game history, the "PlayStation Portable Go!" This updated handheld was scheduled to be announced at Sony's pre E3 conference this past Tuesday but pictureds of the unit were leaked a day earlier. The system will sport a new design making it sleeker and with the lack of a UMD drive, it will be smaller and lighter, as well as have a brighter screen. The new "Go" model also sport Bluetooth connectivity. The system will be released somewhere around October 1st and will go for a MSRP of $249.99. Because there is no UMD drive, games will be stored onto the 16 Gigs of internal flash memory or users can use the new, smaller, Memory Sticks that are due out any time soon.

Alongside the "PSP Go" will be new software that is used for media management between your PlayStation Portable, PlayStation 3 and PC. "Media Go" is a PC application that serves as a more PSN (PlayStation Network) focused update to Sony's earlier "Media manager" software. With media now being easily streamlined between platforms Sony plans to bring more TV Content to their PlayStation Store.

As a side note the standard PSP will now also be available in Pink as a bundle with "Hannah Montana: the Movie Game" All news aside here's a little heart to heart. I love the design of this new unit. Honestly, this should have been the way the system started out in the first place. While the aesthetics is a plus I do see some major negatives. First off, why would anyone in their right mind pay MORE for a "Sleeker" PSP when their current model system does the same thing? There are already 16 Gig memory sticks available. If a current PSP owner wanted to go all digital with their unit and not use the UMD's at all, it would be a bit cheaper using their current unit and a 16 Gig stick than buy a totally new unit. You can clearly see where Sony is trying to go with this update but all they did was give the PSP brand a pair of wings and clipped one of the wings so that the unit flies "half-assed". The other gripe I have about the "Go' is the lack of touch screen. Looking at the system when closed, it screams "stick touch screen here". I guess (on the portable side) Sony didn't want to blatantly steal any ideas from Nintendo.

-- Uncharted 2 Among Thieves --

After a very lengthy PSP announcement the audience was "rewarded" with what I would consider a VERY beautiful demo showing on Uncharted 2. It's no secret that I'm not a Sony fan but I will give them credit for making a decent first party game like Uncharted. Enjoy...

-- Mag Trailer --

After that lovely video of "Uncharted" Sony decided to give us what I would consider another tech demo. If "Uncharted" was to show the graphics quality of the PlayStation 3 then M.A.G is to give us a idea of the horsepower of the system. Sporting 256 players in a online game at one time. M.A.G. isn't my type of game but for the purpose of giving you a idea of what a 256 player online game looks, here's a video.

-- Metal Gear Solid Peace Walker (PSP) --

With the M.A.G demo being over Kijima Sam (Hideo Kojima) appears on the stage to talk about his latest PSP game, "Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker". Two small notes for the Sony MGS fan that will make them happy.

- Kojima is writing the script
- Game WILL be apart of the official MGS universe.
- Game seems to be about the creation of Outer Heaven

-- More Announcements --

Sony continues the conference with the following announcements...

- "Resident Evil", "Little Big Planet", "Rockband" and "Gran Turismo" will be released for PSP

- As of right now 50 PlayStation One classics including "Final Fantasy 7" are available from the PlayStation Network Store.

- "Lost Planet 2" Early 2010

- Rockstar's "Agent" is exclusive to the PlayStation 3. The game's setting takes place in the 1970's

-- Assassin's Creed 2 Trailer --

Announcements aside, a Ubisoft representative appears on the stage and gives us a lovely demo of Assassin's Creed 2

-- Final Fantasy 14 Online --

The Assassin's Creed trailer was followed by a major surprise for Final Fantasy fans.

-- Sony Takes Another Step Into Motion Gaming --

Here is Sony's answer to motion gaming. I present to you the PlayStation 3 Wand Controller...

-- Final Trailers ending the show --

Mod Nation Racing (Live Demo)

The Last Guardian (Trailer)

Gran Turismo 5 (Trailer)

God of War 3 (Live Demo)

-- Afterthoughts --

All in all, I have to say that this conference wasn't a bad one. I'm slightly disappointed that Sony stepped further into motion control the way they did but I think they got their message across and that was showing their game offering. Now that the Sony conference is out of the way, you can be sure to see my recap of Nintendo's conference SOON!

Friday, June 5, 2009

My Birthday List!!!


My Birthday is coming up soon so I'm going to make a list of things that would make for a great birthday present... Hey, cant blame a brotha for doing this!

Item: Memorex Storage media - DVD+R DL - 8x 8.5 GB
Price Range: $31 to $81
Product Link


Item: Kingston Flash memory card - 32 GB SDHC Memory Card
Price Range: $86 to $129 ...I think I saw one for 34.99 on Newegg but that was a while ago. Also checked ebay, saw some cheap ones there too.
Product Link
Note: You will MORE LIKELY get a better deal from Newegg
ALSO: This would be a gift that I would LOVE YOU FOREVER for!

Item: Philips Storage media - DVD-R - 16x 4.7 GB
Price Range: $12 to $25
Product Link
Note: Local stores might have a better deal

Price Range: $0.39 per disc from CDROM2GO.com (Of course, disc come in bulk bundles)
Product Link
Note: A 100 pack (S39.99) would do me a world of good! DVD-R Minis at Wal Mart are freaking S8.00 for a 3 pack, it's highway robbery :(

From the Heart


I'm glad you liked my picture! I just noticed its the same picture used as my MySpace background. Now that I think about it, the song I used to accompany that picture is a lovely one. I'm so happy for you today. Beyond elated. It's a wonderful feeling to love yourself. I was rocky for a while and then I woke up and you shared your self love with me. It was a much needed jolt of "life". It's funny, when someone cares for someone else, they can be happy about things that only have an effect the other person. I don't quite know how to explain it. Its all a blur of emotions but its there and right now its kinda hard to deal with, scary to talk about and yet something to learn from. Wednesday evening and all of Thursday I found the rain to be very appropriate of my emotions and yet today I just wanted the sun to peek out. I'm sorry if I don't seem as talkative as I was maybe, about a week ago. I just don't know what to say, what to do or how to express myself. I'm just confused and I wish I wasn't because I want so hard to just do the right thing. You make me feel so happy and you're so amazing. I just wish I was even slightly close...

--Song from my MySpace page--

For Your Convience


...Just a quick note. If you notice the bottom of my page, you will see that I have added a search engine for my blog. If you feel the need to do any extra research on the topics I write about or just need to look up anything in general, hopefully this will be of some help to you. When using the engine, you will be re-routed back to a slightly modded version of the blog page, where your search results will appear at the bottom. Also, I have added a new post label called "Blog News". It's self explanatory.

The Weirdest, Craziest, Game EVER!


I have two words for all of you... "Muscle March" Also known as "Muscle Koushinkyoku", this WiiWare game is about the craziest thing I have ever seen. If its not the over the top Japanese music then it's definitely the overtly muscled dudes in, honestly, I don't even want to say it! Regardless of its style that would never be in a American game, its fun. That's right, I played this beast. I was able to get a hold of this game yesterday and played a quick round of it. Think of it as "Paper, Rock, Scissors" on rails. The objective of the game is to capture the person who steals your bottle of protein powder ("cough"-steroids) at the beginning of each level.

In order to complete the level you run/race in line with other muscle crazed men. The leader of the line is the thief and you need to get the others out of the way in order to tackle him. Here's where the "Rock, Paper, Scissors" aspect of the game comes in. The thief will run through walls. That's right, I said it! While in line speeding all over the level, the lead runner will strike a pose, before going through a wall. In order to get through the wall, you must match the pose or be knocked. There are four poses. Both hands up, both hands down, left up right down, right up left down. At the end of each level (after getting the others out of the way) you have to alternatively waggle the Wii-Remote and Nunchuck to speed up and eventually tackle your nemesis.

How does the game play fare? To be honest it's very arcade-like. The controls are easy to learn but the game gets harder to master. You have to be attentive at all times. In future levels the running pace is faster and sometimes the lead will strike a pose only to switch it up right before you hit the wall. Its a lot of fun and you'll definitely bust a sweat in no time! I'm going to play some more of this game later on today, maybe even introduce it to a few friends. Sadly, this game might not make a U.S. release so if you have the option to mod your Wii console, you can always install the Japanese Shop channel and purchase the game. For all of you with native Japanese Wii consoles (used for import games), just go ahead and pick this game up!

-- Enjoy some Muscle March game play footage --



Its funny how appropriate the weather has been lately, Since Wednesday evening its been raining on and off. I was finally able to do it for a short bit, yet I still remain too stubborn to shed tears. Its almost beautiful how the rain does it for me. Of course we can all say that it's the Earth cooling it self off after multiple days of hotness. Whatever the reason, it's appropriate. Let it rain, because I can't anymore...

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Pampering Myself


Right now I'm pampering myself! I deserve it so here's my schedule...

8:00 hour Watch WWE Superstars/ Dinner = Cow and Rice, Strawberry soda for drink

9:00 hour Play Animal Crossing/ Desert = Cookie dough ice cream and walnut brownie! "Yummy!"

10:00 - 12:00 Double whammy of Star Trek DS9

Wednesday, June 3, 2009



-- Postponement --

..E3 coverage will be postponed until tomorrow, depending on multiple factors.

-- Just Want to Be --

Its yet another moonlit night. The moon is a lot fuller than it was yesterday, shining just as bright. I don't know. I see it but I don't feel it. The moon isn't shining bright enough for me. I just wish that something was beaming on me, something warm, something loving, something that makes me feel beautiful. I'm starting to feel like I'm far from it. I just don't know how it feels anymore. To be beautiful to someone. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm such a wreck that I will never be that again. I was told that I was but, that was some time ago. I miss it so much. They were the sweetest words ever said to me. Its kinda hard to hate someone who has ever told you that. That person is long gone now.

I think Ive found hope. Someone new but I'm not sure. Everything tells me to run yet everything tells me to stay. Its so confusing and scary. Yes, I get scared. Often than not. I'm the different one, remember. The world thinks of me as an oddball. Doesn't matter as long as I'm beautiful to someone. Living would be so much worth it if I can wake up every day and know I'm "just fine" by that special someone. Living, knowing that no matter how "different" or how much of a oddball I can be, I will still be beautiful. I don't care about my looks. I want my heart to be beautiful to someone. If I could have one wish it would be for one thing. I would give up every idea of a "good wish" for that one. If I ad a genie I would use one wish and give away the other two. That's how dear it is to me. I just want to be beautiful to someone.

-- Today's Horoscope --

My Yahoo horoscope for today looks promising... Who knows?

Tuesday, June 2, 2009



-- E3 Coverage --

A lot of stuff has happened today in regards to E3. I'm sure many of you have been reading the blogs so my blog post, tomorrow might be old news but, its from my perspective and I never stop giving my two cents. Tomorrow I will have my recaps of the Nintendo and Sony conferences as well as any other news I may run into. I hope you will be checking the blog tomorrow. I will try to keep things exciting!

-- The Day Tomorrow --

I plan to head out to visit my daughter. For those of you who are used to messaging me through out the day, I will be pretty much unavailable for a good chunk. Rest assured I will answer your messages as promptly as possible.

-- Animal Crossing --

I'm trying to get back into actually gaming and not just talking about it. Last Saturday I about an hour and a half (maybe two) playing "Animal Crossing City Folk". I had another session tonight at nine for another hour while waiting to watch E.C.W. There are a few things I want to do over the next few days. I want to pay off the house mortgage so I can upgrade to something bigger. I have 15,000 bells but the mortgage is about 18.000. Of course I will probably perform a few "jobs" to make the last 3,000 bells and some more. The next thing on my list is to go shopping in the big city. I hope the clothes shop still has the tuxedo on display. While I'm thinking about it I would love to introduce Ten-Chan to Animal Crossing. I really think she would enjoy it.

-- Justin.tv + Mac OSX --

I'm trying to start a Power Rangers channel on Justin.tv but I'm having a bit of trouble. I need to fake a web cam signal so that instead of showing my camera it will re-route to my episodes. I know that programs like that are abundant on the Windows platform but I was wondering if anyone know of a similar program for Mac OS.

Well that's all, I'm off to bed...

Milk & Cookies
Lightning Kid =^_^=

The Moon Looks Beautiful Tonight


It's not a full one but, a hour ago it was shining outside my window. I always wanted to sleep outside, on a warm night, under it. Its a old dream but one that I only want to share with you. I know there's a good chance you will read this. Is it so weird for me to be missing you? You're just a simple instant message away but my heart's dying to be next to you. Two hearts snuggled under a shiny orb. Being smothered between the moon and your beauty. Just a thought, but one that wont leave my mind anytime soon...

Monday, June 1, 2009

The Microsoft Conference


--Sorry Sony Fans--

First, lets kick things off with a bomb shell announcement!

First off I'm pretty sure that a bunch of Sony fans are pretty peeved but I don't think they should be mad, yet. It's not like their beloved "Metal Gear Solid 4" has jumped ship. Secondly, this confirms all of those rumors about a Metal Gear game in which you play as Raiden. Finally I have a feeling that the Metal Gear franchise might go through a brand split of sorts. Similar to what World Wrestling Entertainment does with their "RAW", "E.C.W." and "SmackDown" brands. Let me explain. If you take notice of the MGS4 (short for Metal Gear Solid 4) box art or, the box art of previous Metal gear games, these games are always referred to as "Tactical Espionage Action" games. In short they're games where the play focus is on sneaking around to survive. Now go back and look at the logo for "Metal Gear Rising". You can clearly see that the game is referred to as, "Lightning Bolt Action". X-Box gamers have always been known to be into fast paced shooters. We might actually see a situation where the PlayStation brand of "Metal Gear" games get the "traditional" sneaking treatment while the X-Box brand will receive more of a action game. Something of a interesting trade off if you ask me.

--Twitter and Facebook, Are you Kidding Me?!--

Good ol' Micro$oft, you can always count on them to add a bit of, good ol' American consumerism to the gaming world. Microsoft is adding Facebook and Twitter to their system menu. That would be great, if I wasn't able to use Twitter and Facebook on a Wii, DSi, PSP and PS3, like, YESTERDAY! Seriously, I do not understand why Micro$oft fails to give the X-box 360 a web browser. Sorry 360 owners, but the browser in the X-Box 360 media center feature does not count.

--On the Multimedia Side of Things--

As for more feature updates, Micro$oft is also changing the way that 360 owners will access their Netflix movies. From now on, movies will be available in full 1080p resolution. along with better resolution, movies will no longer be downloaded to your system. Instead, your movies will be streamed, allowing for quick access of your purchase. Microsoft will also be bumping up the number of countries with 360 Netflix usage from 8 to 18, as well as bringing a music store to the console.

--Its WAR Suckas!!!--

Thats right! Micro$oft just fired the first nuke in motion controlled gaming. It wasn't really much of a war with the Wii dominating the space and the PlayStation 3, barely using their motion controlling feature. With Project Natal Micro$oft really believes that they can capture, some of that casual gaming audience that Nintendo, has done a great job of catering to with the Wii. Personally, as a Nintendo fan I will not lie and say that I am happy about this move. As a geek, I am more than interested in some of Natal's features such as the vocal recognition, face mapping and the ability to bring characters and players together is a more personal way. The first video below is the promotional video of Natal's feature. The second is the video that really has me interested. Its a video showing off the progress made by Lionhead Studios with Natal.

Project Natal Promotional Video

Lionhead Studio's Work With Project Natal

--In Conclusion--

Aside from fact that hardly anyone clapped at the conference (regardless of what you hear in some of these videos) I would say that this presser was something of a success. I'm not a huge fan of the X-Box brand but I have to admit that when it comes to getting their point out, Micro$oft did a good job. I honestly cant wait for Nintendo and Sony conferences tomorrow! You have no idea how excited I am about Nintendo's event. Until then, I'm headed to bed. Good night everyone!