Sunday, May 31, 2009

The BIG Week

If you're a gamer, you know that starting tomorrow, you life will be forever changed! Well, maybe not so drastically but its safe to say that your gaming life wont be the same after this week. I wont lie and say that my gaming articles don't apply to a niche audience. They do. If you haven't noticed, then let me tell you. I'm a Nintendo fan! Microsoft and Sony fans, I'm sorry if the games in this article wont appear on your console but maybe this might serve as ammunition for you to go purchase a Wii or DSi. Aside from that, enjoy the show!

--The Wii Games--

The Grinder

Gladiator A.D.

Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles

Silent Hill Shattered Memories

No More Heroes: Desperate Struggle

The Conduit

Red Steel 2

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: The Crystal Bearers

Monster Hunter 3

Overlord: Dark Legend

Dead Space Extraction (Full E3 Demo Video)

Demo Video part 1

Demo Video part 2

Wii Sports Resort

Rabbids go Home (Gameplay Footage)


Wii Motion Plus at Last years E3 Being Presented with Wii Sports Resort

Wii Motion Plus Tech Demo

--The DSi Side of Things!--

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (Gameplay Footage)

Now, if you're not excited after all of those great trailers then, I honestly don't know what to say! Remember, Tuesday at noon eastern time Nintendo will be hosting their E3 press event. I cant wait! I hope all of you will stick around with me as I will be blogging about the event. I will kick things off with my comments on all three major media briefings from Microsoft Nintendo and Sony. The rest of the week will be focused on the games. Have fub reading and feel free to comment on my articles!

Saturday, May 30, 2009

=^_^= Meow!

--Kiss From Heaven--

It was supposed to be another ordinary Friday. Wake up, visit some people, come home, watch "SmackDown". You. You appeared like a dream, a wish come true. Not to far from the second I laid eyes on you I was taken somewhere. Was it heaven? Was it the one thing I live for. Whatever it was, the taste was amazing! My heart was racing and my mind was in disbelief. Was it really happening?! Should I pinch myself? Did I get hit by a car while biking home? Whatever it was I never want to leave that moment. Within that moment, life FINALLY had a meaning. Its hard now, not to act like a giddy school girl who has just had her first kiss. I think I'm managing. Whatever I'm doing I know this... I cant stop thinking about you. I used to think you were on my mind a lot before, well I was wrong. I don't think anything will ever top this. It feels nice to have a heart that's mending for once. Thank you... Now go get some rest!!! *XoXoXo*

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go High Voltage, Go!

--The Hardcore You've Been Waiting For!--

Over the past two nights has had the pleasure of revealing 2 exciting new Wii titles from High Voltage Studios. We already know about their first Wii (disc) game that's due out on June 23rd, The Conduit. Let me introduce you to "Gladiator A.D." and "The Grinder"

--The Gladiator--

Using a updated version of the Quantum 3 game engine created by High Voltage, The Gladiator is a fighting game that takes place in the Roman Gladiator Circuit

Gladiator takes an over-the-shoulder view to bring the player right into the action. The Wii-Remote and Nunchuck represent the right and left hands. Using this control setup player can accurately control his or her attacks, blocks, and dodges. The player has three directional attacks; left slice, right slash, and overhead chop. As well as a slower, but devastating power attack for each direction. On the defense, the player can choose to dodge, parry, or block attacks. Holding block will soak a percentage of the incoming damage, but moving your shield or secondary weapon using the analog stick (while blocking) will allow the player to make perfect blocks, which soaks all damage, and causes his opponent to react, allowing for a retaliatory strike. High Voltage has incorporated slow down of the larger power attacks, similar to the movie 300, to allow players a cinematic attempt to perfect block these attacks.

Because Gladiator A.D. is what High Voltage would consider, the opposite of "The Conduit", the lack of mass character numbers and open spaces allows for the team to add even more graphical polish and detail to the game. Not all of the Quantum 3 updates are graphical. High voltage has added a very interesting new system that changes the dynamic of crowd interactions. This new tech is called "Impostor/Instancing Technology". Originally created by High Voltage to allow for hundreds of character models on screen without frame rate drops, this new tech will be use to change the way the character responds to your moves. Perform with skill and valor and the crown will cheer you on. Do a bunch of cheap shots and you will begin to hear jeers and even have the occasional random item tossed at you. This game is also expected to use the up and coming "Wii Motion Plus" peripheral to add variance to your attacks. There is a full screen and split screen multiplayer mode, with the split screen mode being customizable. Online mode as of yet has not been confirmed as High Voltage is still working their Wii online network. As of right now, "Gladiator A.D." has been in production for 7 months. Look for this game to be released sometime in 2010.

--The Grinder--

Next up on the two new games from High Voltage is "The Grinder" The Grinder is the second first person shooter made by High Voltage for the Wii console. Unlike "The Conduit", where that game was more of a science fiction action shooter, "The Grinder" takes a more supernatural approach where you end off shooting vampires, werewolves and other demons back to the pits of hell. Very much not like "The Conduit" This game is focused on team work. High Voltage has announced that, The Grinder will have a four player online, cooperative mode. For offline gamers, a split screen alternative is also available.

The Story of the game, takes place in a world where monsters are real. Vampires, werewolves, and undead are all a part of everyday life and this world has adapted to their presence. The heroes of this story is a sort of the "cryptobiological" A-Team of going into areas with infestations and killing everything that moves. High Voltage was influenced by a lot of horror movies and the grindhouse style is something they incorporated into their story. Your job in the game is to simply exterminate the monster threat and discover the reason for the monster outbreak.

Hector, Doc, AJ, and Miko are the four playable characters in this game. They all have different backgrounds that provide them with special skill sets. Hector is a bounty hunter who has tracked targets on both sides of the border. Doc wants to figure out what makes the monsters tick. AJ is an urban explorer who had a very bad experience and is looking for revenge. Miko is an assassin looking for a new challenge. They all bring something special to the table in terms of gameplay.

Using the "Impostor and Instancing system" High voltage is able to push out many detailed characters on the same screen. The game will also feature weapon upgrades and light RPG (role playing game) elements. So far High Voltage has been able to generate 65 enemies on screen at once. That was just their initial tests. Quantum 3 has also been pushed to allow for not only better graphic details but even more special effects. There will be a variety of weapons in this game and players will also be able to dual wield some of these weapons. Be on the lookout for this game, also in 2010!

--Some Conduit Stuff--

With all of this talk about High Voltage Studios, we CAN'T forget about "The Conduit". This is the Wii game we have all been waiting for and it will be here soon, extremely soon. The game will be out on June 23rd and if you are a Wii owner this is a must have title to place in your collection! Before I end this post I leave you with

NOTE: If you see that little HD or HQ button by the control bar of the respective video, USE IT! You do not, do any of these videos justice by watching them in a lower resolution. Trust me it is worth it to push that button!

The Conduit: Story Trailer

The Conduit: Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

The Conduit: Features Trailer

The Conduit: Improvements Trailer

Monday, May 25, 2009

Before I go to Bed...

--Awesome News, New Dilemma--

Tickets go on sale for "WWE Friday Night SmackDown" at the Richmond Coliseum this Saturday. The event date is Tuesday July 21st which obviously means that "Friday Night SmackDown" will be taped from 8:00pm to 10:00pm with ECW being broadcast (after) live from 10:00pm to 11:00pm and either one of two things can happen. If they use the ECW setup for that Thursday's episode of "WWE Superstars" then we might get a Superstars recorded match between the SmackDown recording and ECW showing or after ECW as a extra matche or two for coming to the show. I really want to go this time. I have NEVER been to a WWE event. Funny thing is Ive met two wrestlers in person (complete with autograph signing) and was the first person in life for one of those meets (walked close to seven miles that day, no joke). I really want a certain someone to come along with me but I'm not quite sure...

--A Certain Someone--

I'm sleeping too much, its not a good thing. I'm not sleeping because I'm tired but to pass the day along. I haven't done this since I was a teenager, living with my sister during the weekends and my adopted mother during my school days. I'm worried about the future yet saddened and hurt by today and deeply scarred by yesterday. I'm scared, frustrated and lonely and the walls that surround me have now become a shell. I feel confined. I feel like Ive lost something very important yet at the same time wondering if it all was what it seemed. Everyday I keep losing something. Every bit of me is being chipped away. I don't want "someone" to solve my problem yet being loved makes me complete. That's what I'm lacking right now. I haven't felt it in a long time I thought I did a few months back but I had a hard lesson with that situation. I found out it was all a lie.

Now I'm in a new situation and I just don't know what to do. Do I act like my zodiac sign and shell up with my pincers out? Its hard for me to trust. I'm so used to people being flaky that I wished I had a clue what the opposite was.
I might not know what to do but I know what outcome I want. Some days it feels like I'm getting close but those days are few and far in between. Most days it feels like I'm just running in circles. I'm just so unsure about a lot and yet hopeful about a few. I hate "hope"... It gets me into trouble. Well, it has, it did. Will it again? Will my "hope" finally lead me to a tunnels end with bright daylight or into a cave where the end is a dead end, a dark, cold wall of nowhere? I just don't know and I'm scared. I'm tired of being scared.


I gotta do something about my food situation. If I eat rice one more day I think I will barf. Don't get me wrong, I love rice and noodles and anything in between but, I cant do it anymore. Darn it I need meat! Nice, chunky, cow! Well.... oh well.

Game Review Series Volume 2


--Lace up Your Wrestling Boots and Grab Your Wii Remotes--
Sunday, November 16, 2008

It's that time of year again! Yes I'm talking about another "SmackDown! Vs. RAW" game.

Before you continue to read this, just take note that all opinions are based upon the Wii Version of the game...

I received my copy of "WWE SmackDown Vs. RAW 2009" yesterday and I have to honestly say that, I'm...mostly pleased. The controls are way better than last years game. The setup while it does not stray too much from last years game has some major improvements. You still swing the Wii remote to do a basic attack. A swing in any direction while holding the "A" button will perform a light grapple while a swing with "B" will perform an "interactive grapple". Interactive grapples are improved from last years game. In last years game the formula would be similar to "B + swing...lets say down, would equal knocking your opponent on the floor and then, you are cued to do punch motions to do, multiple punches on your opponent". In this years' game not only can you flick in a vertical or horizontal motion to activate a move but now you can twist the remote. For example, you start a match with a few swings then decide to do an interactive grapple, now you're presented with a few options. For the sake of the example we will say up, which would be a power slam, down would be a low blow and twist will be another move. Twist moves are normally used to perform moves like a quick twist of fate or a 180 degree move in a body slam.

Sadly, there are not many games on Wii that make use of the twist control of the Wii Remote. Just adding that level of control in this game is a breath of fresh air and something that I thank THQ for. Another major addition is the "action" button. Players will no longer automatically pick up a weapon when they walk near it. That helps a lot when you are in a traditional match and you don't want to pick up the weapon, your cheating opponent placed in the ring. While there are good control additions to this game there are still some issues. The lack of a run button still bugs me. Also pausing the game is more of a chore, to much so that I tend to use the "Home" button to pause my game rather than doing the tedious pressing of "+" and "-". To give THQ some advice, this could be solved by allowing "Plus" to be the pause button and "Minus" to be the run button. Something as simple as that will do this game a world of good.

Graphically, I will have to say that the game is a mixed bag. I have seen better character models on GameCube and that is not a compliment, it's tough love. The Wii, the GameCube successor is technically two times more powerful than the GameCube and yet, while the models do look good, they still have a PlayStation 2 look to them. If you need a visual reference of why I'm fussing about this, check out and look at the pictures of "WWE Day of Reckoning 2" and then open a new tab and go to and look at the pictures for "WWE SmackDown! Vs. RAW 2009". It is a crying shame that a GameCube game published by the same company back in 2005 has better looking character models than a Wii game published in 2008, especially since the coding language for both systems are almost identical. If you have the better option of having two televisions and both games, you will receive a shocking look at what I am talking about.

Hopefully, THQ will beef up the game in the graphics department in next years installment. As for now, the graphics do their job and it's not a total mess. I'm very tempted to talk about the audience but for the sake of time I'll just say that THQ should switch from a 3-D audience and use high res, pre rendered animations. If THQ needs any lessons, they should contact Capcom and ask for their "Resident Evil Zero" team to give them some pointers. The story on the other hand is where this game shines.

I will do my best not to ruin too much but I want to talk about how much I love the attention to detail in presentation. First off, each "show" (which is usually a cut scene followed by your match and maybe another cut scene depending on the situation) starts off with the traditional fireworks and theme song that you would normally see and hear every Monday, Tuesday and Friday night. While some things are slightly dated (that being WWE's fault), the feeling is very authentic. Wrestler intros are now interactive. You can (for the most part) do their signature poses, high five audience members or tick them off while entering the ring. Another interesting thing that THQ added was a new camera angle when you're outside the ring. Instead of the camera being over head, it's now beside the character, giving you a "in your face" view of the action that the show usually has. My favorite addition is the end of show logo and copyright info that appears at the end of every "show" in the game. Granted it feels like you just watched and episode of "RAW, ECW or SmackDown!" that had only one match and a promo, but it still feels like a show.

The final part of this review is the Nintendo WiFi mode. It's pretty standard. All the match types are playable, with up to four players max. One player per system. You can have "Friend Matches" in which you can play against someone in your friends roster (after receiving that person's 12 digit friend code). Random matches can also be played and you are also ranked. There are also two leader boards, one for your friends and a worldwide board. THQ has announced downloadable content for this game but at this time I do not see anything in any of the WiFi menus showing any proof of this. It is more likely that the downloadable content will be hosted from the Wii's "Shop Channel"

In the end, with the exception of the flaws stated, the overall package of this game is a great one. I am having a total blast playing this game! if you own a Wii and are a wrestling fan, this is definitely a pickup. If you own multiple gaming platforms, I would still say pick this game up. The motion controls and overall feel still makes this game a great party game to play when you have friends or family over.

After review note...

Sorry to say that THQ's plans for downloadable content on the Wii version was eventually scrubbed. A very shameful move if you asked me, considering that Guitar Hero, Rockband, Mega Man 9 and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles (WiiWare) and Samba De Amigo, all support Downloadable content. Maybe we will see the inclusion of DLC in "SmackDown vs. Raw 2010".

Get in Gear...Again

As I promised, here is "Power Rangers RPM" episode 13, "Brothers Keeper" I just checked the schedueling for future episodes and we're due in for two weeks of repeats. Here's what to look forward to for the next few weeks...

(May 30 and June 6 - reruns)
ep 14 - Sat Jun 13 - 12:30 - Embodied
ep 15 - Sat Jun 20 - 12:30 - Ghosts
(June 27 - reruns)
ep 16 - Sat Jul 4 - 12:30 - In or Out

Kinda sucks how we're getting a repeat on my birthday (June 27) but I guess It allows me to focus on my B-day...then again I don't think anything special is happening that day. OK, enough ranting, here is the episode

Brothers Keeper 1/3

Brothers Keeper 2/3

Brothers Keeper 3/3 (Note: Sorry about the "glitches" near the end of this episode)

Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Done

I don't normally get up at five in the morning to write a blog post but you need to know something. I simply cant do this anymore. I cant keep going on with no progress. There's is no progress because you don't want any progress. its been almost five months and things are going nowhere. You NEVER spend any REAL time with me. Its like you're afraid to be alone with me. You only "drop by" when its convenient for you. "I need help with moving, you just happen to be some help, lets call this chill time" or "I'm on the way to get groceries and your apartment happens to be along the way, let me pick you up and you can watch me shop and we'll call this chill time". Exactly what I mean, "convenient for you". How many times have I said "Hey, lets go to a movie."? How many times have you said you were lonely and I offered to drop by? You for some reason just don't want to be alone with me. if it involves you mentally being alone with me ,with you having to think about getting to know me and not some other task at hand, you don't want to deal with it. I'm TIRED! I cant simply do it anymore. I cant keep trying to put in and you're not giving a inch. You just don't care and have never cared to get to know me. I was just some comfort zone for you and I'm not doing it anymore. I guess this could be looked at as a "change your ways or goodbye" but its whatever you make of it. I'm standing my ground. If you really cared you would SPEND SOME TIME WITH ME. I'm no fool, I understand you have responsibilities but if I'm the least bit important to you, you would at least make time for me and you simply don't. You never do and frankly, I'm tired of being your last minute thought when I think about you every hour of the day...

Saturday, May 23, 2009


--Nothing Special--

Its another Saturday. A few good things happened but I still remain a bit bummed. The morning started off with me not wanting to get out of bed. I typed my usual "Good morning" message to Ten-Chan and spend a decent chunk of time trying to fix my makeshift antenna for the digital tuner on my bedroom TV. Noon came along and the first half of the 12:00 hour was a repeat of last weeks episode of "Power Rangers RPM" You can actually find that episode in this blog. It's episode 12.

Moving on, I was treated to a brand spanking new episode of RPM at 12:30 and I will not spoil the episode before posting it but I will say that it is worth the watch. The rest of the afternoon goes by and I spent that time on instant messenger talking to Rekcah-Chan and poping sporradic messages to Ten-Chan. By 6 ish Rekcah-Chan arrives here and I finish the Wii System Menu 4.0 safe (for homebrew) update on his system. We watch the first two episodes of RPM together (to introduce him to the show) and then it was off to get some dinner. We ended up getting Chinese.

Ate here at the apartment, watched a few Japanese hip-hop music videos and afterwards he went home. I can't complain. The time I spent with my friend was great. That doesnt mean I dont miss the company of certain other people. Honestly I'm kinda hurting. Person A) I invited over multiple times and everytime I offer the invitation that person never comes. Person B) ...well, this situation is way more complicated. I understand how important certain elements in person B's life are but it would be nice if P.B. would just take a break long enough to spend some time with me. Its mighty hard to try to get to know somebody if the only time you get to see them is once a month (if you're lucky). Missing person A isnt as impactful as missing person B. Sometimes it feels as if person B could care less if we ever got to see each other face to face. Sometimes it feels like I should stop talking to person B long enough to see if I would ever be missed by B. Somehow I have this sad feeling that, B might not even care. I miss person B but I dont think that person gets it.


I dont have a clue what I'm doing tomorrow. I would really like to try to make some progress in one of my games. "The Godfather" sounds nice. Maybe I might do some weeding to my town in "Animal Crossing: City Folk". Who knows.

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today, Yesterday, Whatever in between

--Getting the Lame Stuff out of the Way--

Today I lost my Nintendo DSi system due to another harsh life lesson. I really do not feel like going into details but it was one of those moments where I should really have accepted the advice of others. Note to the wise, if THREE people give you the SAME advice, take it!

--Explanation of People Places & Things--

Throughout this blog there will people that I will talk about often. For the sake of privacy I will Refer to them by partial (or full) nick and "chan" if they are a friend or by title if its a family member (i.e. Sister, Cousin, ect). For the most part, general places and items will be disclosed in full.

--Happy Gaming Moments--

Sadly, I do not have my copy of "Punch Out Wii" yet, but the download should be done in roughly 3 hours. To keep myself busy I spend time playing "Super Punch Out" (SNES). Its hard to imagine that "Super Punch Out" is fifteen years old! I feel old now. My friend Lemon-chan and I was taking turns trying to beat different boxers throughout the game. It was funny getting our hinies whipped only for one of us to figure out our opponents pattern and defeat him. Ive been a Nintendo fan since I was 6 and I have to admit that until now I have not personally stepped into the boxing ring with the "Punch out" series. I have enjoyed watching people play on numerous occasions but I guess I just wasn't sure about playing. Thanks to this new Wii version, I was motivated to go back and find out what exactly it was that I missed out on and I am happy to say I am a new "Punch Out" fan! Before I stop blabbing on and on about how great "Punch Out" is I will leave you with two awesome extended commercials for the Wii version.

Here is the "Doc Luis" commercial explaining the game controls using the "Wii Remote/Nunchuck" combination

This Commercial is the "Little Mac" commercial that is the extended version of the one used on TV

--RPM: Get in Gear--

As usual, here is last weeks episode of "Power Rangers: RPM". There might not be a new episode for a while. Last time I checked the release list this episode I am showing you was the last one titled before the first repeat period. It would have been better if Disney would have just aired the first 18 episodes and not just the first 12 before going into repeats. The first 18 episodes are already completed and if the show stops here for a brief repeat season that means that we will be spending the next 6 weeks in repeats On a side note I have just found my new, favorite "Ziggy Moment" at 5:45 of 1/3 of this episode.

Blitz 1/3

Blitz 2/3

Blitz 3/3

I'm starting to feel lazy now and I'm still bummed out about my lack of a DSi so I am signing off. I hope everyone has a good night :)

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

Game Review Series Volume 1

Welcome to a new blogging series I am starting. Aside from my traditional blogs about life I will be bringing to you a series of game reviews. This first one is about the Wii game, "Red Steel" I typed this review back in 2007 for a different site but its one that I am proud of. I hope you enjoy and look out for my other reviews.

Red Steel: Aim and Shoot
...Now You Can Play a FPS, Gangsta Style
By Lightning Kid
February 17, 2007

For many years, the first person shooter has been played with either a "keyboard & mouse" combination or a "control stick and buttons" combination. While those play styles have worked for the respective P.C. and game console shooters, one game dares to make a difference. Enter, Red Steel, one of Nintendo Wii's first, FPS (first person shooter) games. Red Steel uses the innovative 'Wii remote' and 'Nunchuck' attachment combo to immerse the gamer into the action. To shoot, just aim the Wii remote at where you want to fire and press the "B" trigger button to fire your weapon. To throw a grenade, push down on the directional pad and do a throwing motion with the nunchuck. Players may also roll a grenade using a rolling-toss motion. If you need cover, simply aim at a table with the Wii Remote and fling your 'nunchuck' hand upwards to toss the table up. Once the table is up, you can duck using the "Z" button (also on the nunchuck) and fire at your enemies while being covered.

As if shooting was not enough, Ubisoft decided to insert unique sword fighting battles. The controls are fairly simple, Swing the Wii remote like you normally would a sword and the Nunchuck acts as a parrying blade which you can use to defend against attacks. While all of this will certainly get a player active, the game suffer from minor control glitches. First off, the shooting, while it does allow you to turn your hand side ways and shoot "gangsta style", has a bit of flaws in its aiming. The aiming is a bit slow and your hand most be a bit steady. besides the slowness, aiming is actually more precise than in your standard first person shooter. Secondly, sword fighting is not exactly "one to one". Don't expect swipe to the left and you character to do the same. Instead the game generalizes your attacks into the following commands, vertical, horizontal, diagonal and stab (thrust forward). Besides the generic attacks, sometimes the Nunchuck blocking is not as responsive as needed for an intense sword fight.

At the beginning of the game your character, only referred to as "Scott San" is on a date with his fiance, while on the date, Scott is meeting his fiance's (Miyu) father (Sato San), for the first time. Before Scott can even say hello to Sato Sama. Sato is attacked by a rival Yakuza gang and Miyu is kidnapped. Now it is up to Scott to save Miyu and stop the rival Yakuza gang before they gain power in Japan. The first few levels start off in Los Angeles where Scott is basically gathering what information he can for Sato. After the first levels you are then sent to Japan and the story develops even further. You meet a dojo master and his assistant who will teach you more sword attacks, and an American bar owner (The bar is in Japan) with his bodyguard who will help you practice your gun techniques. The characters are not too deep but not too shallow. You will remember them by the end of the game and that says a lot about the story.

Graphically, this is one of the better Wii games. While this is an early title and has no reflection on the full graphical power of the Wii console, the game still stands out. The neon setting in Japan's more 'urban' areas are beautiful. The environments are fully destructible, glass and reflection effects look beautiful. The game is not "Hi-Def" per say but, it does support Wide screen ratio and 480p. If you have a standard definition television, the game will simply add the black bars to the top and bottom of the screen. Red Steel is no run and gun game and you will find your self doing more duck and cover as well as building strategy but, with that said, the game is amazingly fun. If you are still not sure about this game. I will advise you to rent the game first and please, give the controls some time, getting used to. Red Steel is a game that is the beginning of what is to come with, shooters on Wii.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Lessons Learned

--Where Does it End--

Where does the line between "human need and self preservation" and "human greed" begin or end. Im facing very hard lessons on the matter and honestly, they're lessons I could care to not deal with right now. My recent actions have caused me to question the integrity of my heart. Still, even with all that is going on, I know Im not "bad". I guess I struggle a lot when it comes to doing something for others and doing for myself. Im very giving and I care about the people around me alot but I also tend to get used alot. Funny thing is I just cant use people in the same fashion. When I try, I end up hurting myself and worse, hurting the ones I love.

Honestly, I cant believe how low I stooped for a small feeling of power. Not sure what exactly got in me but I know what exactly left. Another chunk of my left over innocense was chiped away. Then again, maybe not completely. Today I had a incodent where A guy was running to catch a bus and I was biking by. I could have stopped the bus for him but I didnt.

What did I do? I paused... I wanted to help but my desire to get to my destination was "nagging" at me. Still, I paused, not for a quick moment but for a few minutes. Every part of me wanted to ride back, tell the gut to hop on and go chasing after that bus he needed. Is that normal?!

Is it normal to want to be able to risk life and limb for people you don't know. Thats the real me, the one who ride a bike across town to help someone. I just have this need to know that I have a impact in someones life.

Well, enough ranting about that. If I have the mental energy tomorrow I will FINALLY do that blog on developer lazyness.

Sweet Dreams,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Blog

--On a Happy Note--

Punch Out Wii was officially released yesterday. Last night I grabed copies of Punch Out (NES), Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES) and Super Punch Out (SNES) just to round off the collection. I'm hoping to have a copy of Punch Out Wii before the end of Tuesday. Wish me luck.

--Judgement Day--

Last night I had the opportunity to watch WWE Judgement Day. The pay per view was honestly, pretty bland. As bland as the white ropes used for the ring. The show kicks off with C.M. Punk verses Umaga with Umaga getting the Win :( . I was far from happy about that but I guess the fued will keep Punk busy until its time for him to cash in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase. None of the titles changed hands but I was really hoping that Jeff Hardy would capture the world heavyweight Championship last night. Thanks to Jeff's brother Matt, that did not happen. As for the Ortin/Batista match. It wasnt so bad, loved the beatdown Batista received from Ortin's "Legacy" faction. Like I said, the show was pretty bland so sady, i dont have much to rave about.

--On a Personal Note--

Im starting to get very tired of feeling ignored by people. Im at the point where I feel like taking everybody off my "buddies/friends" list on every messenger and every social networking site. I'm tired of always being the one to have to initiate conversation. There are even days where im logged into a messenger with other people being active and nobody will say "Hi". I'm DONE! I'm tired of people never coming by unless a) they can get something off me or b) I'm throwing some get together. I try to make a effort to say "Hi" to every "friend" I have daily yet people dont even care enough to give me a simple "hello". This is whats going to happen. Im going to observe the actions of all my so called friends and If i feel that you are wasting a spot on my friends list, you're off. I'm tired of people being fake with me. You either want me as a friend or you dont. I'd rather be a hermet and not talk to anyone, ever, than to be hurt by the people who are supposed to care about me because they cant even act like I exist.

--To Finish Things Off--

There is a good chance that I will be back later on today. I want to talk about a topic that needs to be talked about, especially for Wii owners. That topic is "Game Developer Lazyness". Here we are in year 3 of the Wii's console cycle and while the third party developers have stepped up their game, there are a few thing that have not be addressed. Here is an example. We have three "Need for Speed games" (Carbon, Pro Street and Undercover) on Wii and all three have online components on the HD systems (360 & PS3), the wii supports online connectivity and we STILL dont have a online simulation racing game! Devs can't say there's no reasonable online connectivity because I'm typing this blog from my Wii. The fact remains that there's lazyness abroad and most developers keep throwing lame excuses on why they claim something can't be done on the little white box. I'm going to stop my ranting for now but I will continue this later. For now, I wish everyone a happy Monday!

Milk & Cookies
Lightning Kid =^_^=

Saturday, May 16, 2009

...On My Mind

--Own Personal Jesus--

To whom it may concern,

My heart belongs to one person and you know who it is but I am so confused and even scared so Im telling you how Im feeling. Im going to pour my heart out and hopefully when I'm done there wont be any confusion. I also hope things wont be strained.

I can't be your own personal Jesus anymore. Its already hard enough to be in love with someone who is not in love with me. I fully understand you need for time and space to develop whatever it may be. I can respect where you are coming from on many things but you need to know something. Its not fair for me to love you when you can easily shove in my face how you dont love me or how we're not dating. Its not fair for me to love you when you set me aside and dear get dissapointed when I dont feel happy about your words.

I feel like you want me to love you in spite of all your ups and down. I just cant have a Jesus/Humanity relationship with you. You cant just ask me to accept you while you trample on my personality and expect for all to be forgiven. Its like you think that its manditory for me to forgive everything. Maybe you arent thinking that way but actions speak louder.

Nobody is perfect, I am far from it but its not fair for me to accept you for everything no matter the relationship situation, yet you only deem me dateable if I go through your series of "recommended" changes. Here's a question~or two for you. If I changed, would the Lighty after the change be the same Lighty that you have come to know? Better yet, If it is so necessicary for me to change is it safe for me to say that you truly dont like me?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging Away...

>> Note to Blogspot Users<<
If there are a few things that seem off or out of place I apologize in advance. I normally host my blogs on a site called Today I came up with the idea to post blogs from this site when I am browsing the web on my DSi and port them over to my GBATemp blog when I get back home. In reverse, if I start a blog post from GBATemp abd there are a few references for that site, it will be because I am porting my post from that site to this one. Eventually I would like to get to a point where everything is streamlined. For now please bare with me.

--My Life With DSi--

I just got this little thing last week and I can honestly say it was one of my best purchases. By little thing, I'm referring to my Nintendo DSi. I purchased this (slightly) used DSi unit last Friday and I am having a blast with its features. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to use this thing for the one reason I always joked about, taking pictures of the ladies. The included mp4 player is wicked awesome, especially the ability to grab instrumentals of my songs. My favorite feature so far is the Web Browser. While there is no built in flash player :( the browser does a great job rendering web pages. By the way, I'm actually typing this blog from DSi. On one final note, the only thing that is missing is a DSi compatible flash card but, that's another story.

--In Gaming News Today--

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is right around the corner (first week of June) and I can't wait to see what comes out of this years' expo! As a fan of Nintendo I will be keeping close tabs on "Ninty's" press event. There are a few things I'm expecting from the press event. 1) News on games that will be using the Motion Plus (released in June). 2) News on "channel" features for Wii and DSi. Considering that there are 2 movie viewing channels for Wii and one with DSi connectivity, I would be surprised if one of these channels did not make it to the states. 3) The introduction of DSi only games. It's bound to happen.

--Arrgh I Wear my Eye Patch Proudly--

Yes, I'm a pirate... So? Mama raised me to be a geek! Thank you very much! *cheeky smile* In the news of my piracy exploits, well, there isn't much. Just finished burning a copy of "Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree" (Wii), this morning. Maybe, it will help me exercise my noggin. I'm waiting for next weeks release of "Punch Out Wii". Next download FTW!

--Power Rangers RPM--

Ok, Like I promised, here is your weekly catch up with Power Rangers RPM. Today I present to you Episodes 10 and 11. Episode ten it titled "Ranger Blue" and episode 11 is "Doctor K". "Doctor K" is a real tear jerker, a first for the writing of any Power Rangers season. Honestly, there was a scene in "Ranger Blue" that slightly pulled at my heart strings but not as much as Episode 11. I hope you enjoy both episodes

Ranger Blue 1/3

Ranger Blue 2/3

Ranger Blue 3/3


Doctor K 1/3

Doctor K 2/3

Doctor K 3/3

On a side note, I want to say congrats to my friend on graduating from VCU :D ! Big props to ya!

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=