Monday, August 31, 2009

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars - MORE Porting!


If you thought that Rockstar was done with porting Chinatown Wars with just the PSP version, you were wrong. It looks like the company is hell bent on making every penny they can with Chinatown Wars. Now the game will be released on the iPhone and iPod Touch. Read the press release below.


New York, NY – August 31, 2009 - Rockstar Games, the world-renowned publishing label of Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc. (NASDAQ: TTWO), is pleased to announce that the critically acclaimed Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars from Rockstar Leeds, the winners of the 2009 Develop Award for Best Handheld Game Studio, will be making its way to the iPhone™ and iPod® touch this fall.

"Chinatown Wars is a perfect match for the iPhone and iPod touch," said Sam Houser, Founder of Rockstar Games. "We are very excited to bring this incredibly ambitious version of Liberty City, with this level of detail and immersive gameplay on Apple's new gaming platforms."

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars is currently available for the Nintendo DS™ and is also coming this fall for the PlayStation®Portable system. The game follows the story of Huang Lee, a young Triad who travels to Liberty City after the mysterious death of his father. Players will navigate their way through the streets as they uncover the truth behind an epic tale of crime and corruption within the Triad crime syndicate, delivering the unprecedented amount of depth that has become a true trademark of the Grand Theft Auto franchise

Banned for Life...Literally!


Now, I have heard of long banning, but this one is beyond crazy!

Just in case you cant read Japanese the message says the following...

"Because you used modified data to connect online, you're now banned. The ban will be lifted at 22:49 on 12/12/9999. In the future, if you violate the terms of service, it is possible that you will be banned for good."

Here's a question. If someone is banned for the remainder of their life, how exactly can that person violate the terms of service? I guess being banned until the year "Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine" isn't "forever". With that said, if any of you are playing the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 3 on a modded or imported Wii or are planning to play the Stateside version next year, DONT CHEAT!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

FCW 08/04/2009

Sorry about how sporadic I'm presenting these episodes but I really dont have one official source for FCW.

FCW 08/04/2009 [1/6] - Grande Royal 1/2

FCW 08/04/2009 [2/6] - Grande Royal 2/2

FCW 08/04/2009 [3/6] - Abraham Washington Speaks

FCW 08/04/2009 [4/6] - Dylan Klein Vs Brett Dibiase

FCW 08/04/2009 [5/6] - Alex Riley Vs Johnny Curtis Vs Tyler Reks 1/2

FCW 08/04/2009 [6/6] - Alex Riley Vs Johnny Curtis Vs Tyler Reks 2/2

Vitality Sensor IS The Future


This year, at Nintendo's E3 Press Event, the home and portable console manufacturer revealed their next step in video game control, the Wii Vitality Sensor. Many gamers groaned and moaned because they perceive this device to be one of two things, a cheap heart monitor for elderly gamers or the later, another peripheral that will be tossed at the casual gaming market. First off lets start off with what exactly the vitality sensor is. According to the wikipedia article the Vitality Sensor...

- is a fingertip pulse oximeter sensor that connects through the Wii Remote. According to Nintendo, the device "will initially sense the user's pulse and a number of other signals being transmitted by their bodies, and will then provide information to the users about the body’s inner world."

Now for some more technical jargon. According to the Wikipedia article, "a pulse oximeter is a medical device that indirectly measures the oxygen saturation of a patient's blood (as opposed to measuring oxygen saturation directly through a blood sample) and changes in blood volume in the skin, producing a photoplethysmograph. It is often attached to a medical monitor so staff can see a patient's oxygenation at all times.

You're probably asking, "what in the world does this have to do with games?" I'll explain. Because the body gives off a different blood volume reading with each emotion you "express", if a game is properly programmed, that game will be able to sense things like tension or fear. At first thought you would think that would be perfect for survival horror games but its has uses in other genres. Instead of having to create different difficulty levels, there can now be a program that eases things when you feel that "it's too much" or a bit too hard to want to play. The most important thing is, we're talking about Nintendo here and even, Nintendo of America's president Reggie Fils-Amie said that the vitality sensor can detect numerous things.

Here is where I believe that the vitality sensor is actually more important than what Nintendo will have you to believe. Because Vitality Sensor can measure the blood volume in your skin at different points in thinking, we could be at the very first steps of console games that are controlled with your thoughts. Don't believe me? Check out the following article...

Article 1

- and this section as well, from the same source (PC World) that includes a picture as well as more information.

Article 2 (w/helmet picture)

As you can see, there are already headsets that allow for your brainwaves to be used for game control. They can even distinguish commands that you give out. Don' t think it's true? I have talked to someone who has had experience with a similar device and he described to me how you had to calibrate your thoughts with different actions to get things working as needed. Back to the Vitality Sensor. Imagine a game that begins the game tutorial like this...

Step A - The game will ask you to think about your character "walking" forward

Step B - You do the thinking and your body gives off a certain blood level that the vitality sensor will pick up.

Step C - The sensor then takes that level and assigns it to the "Walk Command"

- The game will then, ask you to think about walking right then left and then turning around basically following steps A through C replacing the "Walk Forward" command with the respective "Walk Right", "Walk Left" and "Turn Around" commands.

NOW do you all get it? While Sony and Microsoft are JUST stepping into the motion control arena, Nintendo is already thinking about the next level of game control. Add the new "mind control" mechanic with the already introduced motion controls of the Wii Remote, you now have something that is beyond anything that Project Natal or the PlayStation Wand Controllers can offer to the mass market. As for the look of Vitality Sensor, it's genius! You have mind control gaming in a small consumer friendly package compared to the helmet I showed to you in the above link.

While everybody is screaming about price drops, The Wii needing one and how they "analyze" that the motion options will put a damper in the Wii's sales, they tend to forget a lot of things. Firstly, the Wii audience is a totally different or new breed of gamer, depending on, if that person is casual or a long time Nintendo follower. Secondly the Wii is setup in a way that multiple play styles can be used adding to the ability to have fun in many different ways. That is something that simply can not be offered on the X-Box 360 or PlayStation 3. Finally, and this is a big one, the price points of Project Natal, the PS Wand controllers coupled the fact the audience for their respective consoles are not fans of motion controls may put a damper on Sony and Microsoft's plans. In conclusion, do not count the Vitality Sensor as another gimmick. If done the right way this may be the beginning of a new way to play video games.

For another look at the "mind control" headset technology, check out this link.

Quick Edit: My friend, the one spoken about earlier in this post was kind enough to send me the following footage of Intel's version of the headset technology. Enjoy!

Saturday, August 29, 2009

(WiiWare) "Lost Winds" Sequel FTW!


Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias Has just been announced in a recent edition of Edge Magazine. Special thanks to for the new information

- Called Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias
- Toku can change seasons
- Switch between summer and winter
- Skills: swim, create cyclones
- Cyclones have a few abilities such as being able to drill through rocks, scoop up water
- Map has been redone
- Hint system
- Developers were pleased with the first game but still have many ideas
- devs have heard the complaints of the first game being too short
- NPCs are now more interactive, and have more to say
- takes place directly after the first game
- Toku’s mother has disappeared while exploring the ruins of a city created by the Melodia
- Toku and Enril follow clues left in a journal to save Toku's mother
- Summerfalls Village is experiencing a never-ending Winter
- people in the village are afraid of monsters that lurk in the snow
- Sonte (a spirit) allows Toku to control the seasons
- expect old and new gameplay elements
- Glorbs return from the first game, and have new forms
- create a cyclone by pressing buttons/shaking the Wiimote
- sales of LostWind were spot-on with what Frontier expected
- sequel development nearly complete

Friday, August 28, 2009

(Wii) Guitar Hero 5 Commercial


Enjoy! This one even has Playboy bunnies!

The Wii Network is Here!


The Wii Network is a place where Wii and Nintendo fans can get together and be happy. Talk about Nintendo till our hearts content. The Wii network is being led by Shokio from Youtube and right now it could use some more members. Feel free to swing by and register. I'm trying to do my part and you should, too. The PS3 fans have "The Trey Brotherhood" and goodness knows what the 360 fans have. Let's have a place for ourselves!

(Wii) "Samurai Warriors 3" Screenshots


Samurai Warriors 3 is on the way and I can't wait! I haven't had a good Koei game to play on a Nintendo system since "Mystic Heroes" (GameCube). Sure, most Koei games tend to be mindless hack and slash games set in feudal Japan but sometimes it's fun to just let go and do some mindless button mashing. I places some screenshots below. Have fun!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

(DS/DSi) "Grand Thef Auto: Chinatown Wars" DS and PSP Comparison Pictures

We all know that "Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars" is being ported to the PSP. The first screen shots for the PSP version have just been released. This is one of those rare occasions where I post non-Nintendo gaming news but, I'm sure many of you were curious on the look of the PSP version.

Nindendo DS/DSi Version


PSP Version Pictures

I Want One! I Want One!


OK! Normally I am all for ONLY using GameCube pads for "classic style" gaming but I would SO love to have at least two of these pads so I can play some Mario with my Mom! Ive been meaning to take the Wii over to her apartment and play some Mario Bros. Just look at them, they're so beautiful and only $12.99. You can find these at retailers on November 10th so be on the lookout!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Check this Out!!


You have to be really lucky to get your hands on this VERY limited edition Nintendo DSi from the "2009 Pokemon World Championships"! It's so beautiful and I love the light blue against the white. It really is lovely to look at.

WOW, Another Zapper Bundle!


Check out this bundle for "House of the Dead: Overkill". It's Japan only but still, it's cool!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

"WiFi Prostitutes" (A College Humor Production)


Rated "Mature" for: Strong Language

Special thanks to the peeps at for this awesomely funny video! If you ever tried to hop on other people's open WiFi connections then I'm sure you will totally get the joke in this video!

Nintendo Shows off Their Sales Dominance


The chart below "speaks louder than these words"...

I have to say that I am very happy with these results! Hopefully the Nintendo dominance does not end any time soon.

...I am so Jealous!


Lucky European gamers get to enjoy this awesome "Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles" bundle that comes with the game and Wii Zapper. European gamers can expect to be able to pick this up on, November 27th, 2009.

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 21 "Not so Simple"


OK, here is episode 21 of Power Rangers RPM. Enjoy.

Not so Simple 1/3

Not so Simple 2/3

Not so Simple 3/3

Trackmania Footage


Check out some footage of Trackmania for Wii.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

WWE SummerSlam, Tonight at 8PM EST!


Don't forget that WWE Summerslam is tonight! If you want to watch it just click on the picture (above) or follow the link below...

-- SummerSlam 2009 Match Card --

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Epic FAIL of the Day


...Anyone see anything wrong with this picture?

Monster Hunter 3 Tri US Trailer


Just recently Capcom released the Stateside trailer for Monster Hunter 3 and below I also posted a video of some Stateside gameplay footage. I hope you enjoy!

Monster Hunter 3 US Trailer

Monster Hunter 3 US Gameplay Footage (Offscreen)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

When Worlds Collide!

You're probably wondering why I posted this Wii Sports Resort commercial. Look closely at the very beginning of that commercial. Do you recognize that face? It's Eka Darville! For those of you out of the loop he is this year's Red Power Ranger in "Power Rangers RPM". I'm a huge fan of Nintendo and Power Rangers so its great to see my favorite worlds collide. What a great reason to get a game that is already awesome without the endorsement! And for those of you who don't believe me about Eka being in the commercial, compare that face with the pictures below.

Monday, August 17, 2009

El Pressador's Thoughts on Madden NFL 10


CAUTION: Foul Language!

I just love the wacky antics of this guy! Aside from my friend Lemon-Chan, El Pressador is one PS3 fanboy that tickles my fancy at times. The video below, features his thoughts on the Madden franchise as a whole. Besides the "trippyness" of this video I have to admit that I agree with El Pressador's view and can honestly say that it can also be applied to a few other game franchises and companies.

(Wii) "We Cheer 2" Trailer


I honestly cant wait for this game. I have the first "We Cheer" and I'm hoping that the sequel will address some if not all of the issues the first game had. The first game was an interesting experience but had issues with its difficulty setting and motion tracking. Sometimes it was not clear on how exactly you should hold the Wii Remote when doing certain motions. Either way, the sequel has more multiplayer options and even better (for me, at least), you can now play as a male cheerleader. I provided the trailer below.

Power Rangers RPM - Episode 20: Heroes Among US


OK, I know I'm two days late but better late than never. Here is Power Rangers RPM episode 20. Enjoy!


"Heroes Among Us" 1/3

Heroes Among Us 2/3

Heroes Among Us 3/3

"Wii Sports Resort" U.S. TV Spot


I just had to share this commercial with you all. I was watching Rachel Ray today and this commercial popped up! Many of you know that I am so glad that Nintendo is advertising to the casual gamer. Just watching that commercial during "that" time of day reminded me of the days when Nintendo used to show "Brain Age" commercial during Dr. Phil.

(WiiWare) "Rage of the Gladiator" Trailer


I present to you, "Rage of the Gladiator". This is a Wii Ware game this will be released pretty soon and features first person weapons combat. Is it me or, is someone trying to capitalize on the "gladiator" gimmick before, the vastly superior "Gladiator AD" from High Voltage Studios is released Q1 of next year?