Thursday, October 8, 2009

Looks like Activision is very happy with their Guitar Hero 5 sales

Just read what is posted below and then take a second to think about what was said. I'm now starting to think that Activision is starting to get a bit big headed these days.

"This theme of this season was variety and value - variety of a series of great guitar songs - it's 82 artists and 85 songs. So we really focused on not even having too many songs by any one artist. That was deliberate, and that was what the fans had been advocating, and we wanted to give the fans what they want. The second this is value - that's a lot of songs for a USD 59 game. If you were to buy those 85 songs for your iPod it would cost you USD 85, and so the plastic (if you buy the guitar with it) for USD 99 in the US... you get 85 songs and a guitar, and a 91-rated game, and one of the most popular games as well. So that was the theme - and then within the game the innovations were really around party play, any grouping of instruments, more instruments, jump in-jump out, the lower levels were more inviting to people so you couldn't get booed off the stage, and at the higher levels your friends could win you back in the game so you didn't ruin it for everybody... all of it was about it being more social, more inviting and just as much fun - while at the higher levels being more sophisticated and more competitive. We're pretty happy, and as you look at the European sales and our ability to outsell The Beatles: Rock Band 2-to-1 on their home field... that would suggest it was a good decision."

- CEO of Activision's Guitar Hero business, Dan Rosensweig


Now here's a question for the people at Activision. "Why is it that the Wii version of 'Guitar Hero 5' is $59.99 yet the PS3/360 version did not receive a 10 dollar price bump to $69.99?" I would love to get an answer for that!

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