Monday, December 7, 2009

I'm Back

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Im back everyone. Things have been very rough emotionally and honestly, this blog would serve better from having a staff than just one person working on it. Lately I have been enjoying my Nintendo DSi system (blue) and if you're wondering what I have been playing lately, check out my little list below...

WWE SmackDown vs. RAW 2010

When I'm totally in my wrestling geek mood, I will spend hours at a time playing this. At first the controls took some getting used to. The console versions of this game has a more "elaborate" control setup. In the DS game, you have more of a feeling of the PlayStation One SmackDown controls with a bit slower speed than WWF No Mercy. This game is almost perfect. The only flaw I can see is the slowness of the matches and the "digital" movement of the characters. The DS has an "eight way" digital pad, maybe next years game will feature more fluidity in character motion.

Asphalt: Urban GT 2

I have yet to see a racing series on the DS that can match the asphalt Urban GT games. I'm playing through part 2 and I know part 4 is available on DSiWare but, what in the world happened to part 3? I guell Ill do some research later tonight. Right now I have so much time invested into this game and the car models are simply stunning for the DS. I would love to see a full on, adventure game made for the DSi from these guys. Sorry "Need for Speed", you just got owned in the street racing genre by the new guys!

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Ladies and Gentlemen, "Kingdom Hearts" has finally made it to a Nintendo console... in 3D! Sorry but, for Nintendo gamers, "Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories" is definitely not a 3D "Hearts" game. I can tell you stories of the Friday night where I spent four hours playing this game. Coming from a total "Kingdom Hearts" noob, I not have new found respect for this game. I can totally see why this franchise is a good one and this is a game that I will be trying very hard to finish.

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

sometimes it's just good to be bad. Not note that I, in NO way condone the playing of this game by ANYONE under the game of 17. With that said, if you are old enough to play this game and you own any incarnation of a DS portable you MUST get this game. There's soo much coolness in this game that these little words can not explain. Actually I think I'll be cutting this short so I can get back to playing GTA!

There are other DS games that I play but these are my main four for the time being. Ok I'm outtie. It's game time :D

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