Thursday, December 10, 2009

Kamen Rider Decade


With the Power Rangers franchise ending this year and "Kamen Rider Dragon Knight" coming to a close, I have been busy looking for other sources to get my "live action" fix. This week I started to watch "Kamen Rider: Decade" and I'm also watching "Kamen Rider W" and "Samurai Sentai: Shinkenger" (the show that was supposed to be Power Rangers 2010) on the side. I have to say that, as a first time viewer of the Japanese version of Kamen Rider, this show gets me more excited to learn about the Kamen Rider universe. Below is my playlist for the "Decade" series. It's all 31 episodes and the music video of the theme song (to kick things off. Feel free to sit back and enjoy watching the show.

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