Wednesday, May 12, 2010

DS/DSi: New "Pokemon Black" and "Pokemon White" Information

Honestly I still cant believe that we have come from Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow, to Gold, Silver and Crystal to Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, Fire Red and Leaf Green, Diamond, Pearl and Platinum, Heart Gold and Soul silver all the way to Black and White. WOW that's a lot of Pokemon games and I'm not even naming all of the Pokemon side games. "Mysterious Dungeon" series, I'm looking at you! Ladies and gentlemen, Pokemon Black and White are on their way and will be released before year's end (at least in Japan) on the Nintendo DS/DSi. These two new games are sporting more of a 3D look and you can be sure to find many new Pokemon in these two, new versions of this long running series.

- Isshu Region
- protagonists are older than the protagonists from other Pokemon games
- Grass starter: Tsutaja - grass snake pokemon
- Fire starter, Pokabu - fire pig pokemon
- Water starter, Mijumaru - sea otter pokemon
- Zoroark as an ability called 'illusion' which allows him to transform into other Pokemon
- Trickery - allows attack to be calculated using the opponent's stats
- Claw Sharpen - raises user's attack and accuracy stats
- special movie event details: special battle against level 25 Zoroark will occur, which transforms into various Pokemon. It will eventually break transformation which allows for capture.

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