Tuesday, May 11, 2010

New "Mama" Games hit the Wii and DS/DSi This Fall

That's right people, Mama is back and she's aiming to take over all of your Nintendo consoles! Two new "Mama" games were announced today, Babysitting Mama and Crafting Mama. From the small bit below about "Babysitting Mama" One can only wonder how much Majesco will charge for that game.

Babysitting Mama

- coming to Wii
- due out this Fall
- comes with plush baby doll that allows you to tuck the Wiimote inside
- rock the plush baby doll to care for it

Crafting Mama

- coming to DS
- crafting game with forty projects
- due out this Fall
- use stylus to sew, paint, cut, and mold crafts

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