Friday, September 25, 2009

Flash Games You SHOULD be Playing on Your Wii!: Volume 2


Ok Its time for Volume 2 of "Flash Games you Should be Playing on Your Wii" I started off volume one, yesterday, with "3D Logic". That game, was a simple Rubik Cube puzzle game that makes great use of the Wii remote as a pointer. Today I give you "Alien Hominid"! That's right! The flash game that has been widely played since its introduction to the interwebs. Before you hop into this game, you will need to whip out a USB keyboard (something that most serious Internet channel users will already have). This game has NO Wii Remote support at all. Aside from that, this is still a great game and totally worth the play time. Before I leave you, I want to remind you that if you find yourself loving this game very much, you can purchase the GameCube version of this game so that you can play at anytime.


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