Tuesday, September 1, 2009

(DS/DSi) Okami is Back!!


Okami is back and in a way that none of us expected. The next Okami game will be a DS/DSi game and you can see the first screenshots and details below!

-- Details --

- Full title: Okamiden: Chisaki Taiyou
- new wolf: Chibiterasu
- events take place a few months after the end of Okami
- Issun is accompanying Chibiterasu to meet up with Sakuya, as Sakuya wants to ask Chibiterasu for help
- combat system similar to the original Okami
- draw lines to slash enemies, circle trees to make them grow/bloom
- partner characters for Chibiterasu to work with
- partner will both aid and hinder you, bringing up puzzles that you have to solve in order for you and your partner to progress
- one partner revealed: Kuninushi, son of the swordsman Susano
- learn why Susano has a son, when he didn't a few months ago
- producer: Motohide Eshiro
- director: Kuniomi Matsushita
- Matsushita wanted to make a portable Okami, so he made a prototype and showed it to Eshiro. When Eshiro saw the prototype, the team decided to move forward
- Matsushita wants to go portable with Okami in the hopes of getting a bigger audience to experience what the world of Okami is all about
- due out 2010 in Japan

-- Screenshot --

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