Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Sega is NOT Giving up on the "Core" Wii Audience


Feel free to read this juicy snipplet of a recent Sega interview with the gaming website MCV. I have to say that I am very happy that Sega is not giving up on the serious Wii gamer who actually cares about having quality titles on the "little white box". If you want to read the full, juicy article, check it out here.


“I don’t know why MadWorld didn’t sell so well. Perhaps it was the black and white graphics or the violence, but to argue mature games don’t sell well on Wii just because we launched one that didn’t hit right away would be arrogant. We have other teen and mature games we will be launching on the Wii platform." - Sega West president Mike Hayes

Mr. Hayes used that remark as a jumping point into the discussion of The Conduit's success. SEGA considers the 300,000 units shipped worldwide a win.

"Show me another new IP that has done those numbers, bearing in mind the Wii market has been a little slow this summer. If you compare The Conduit with other core IP that’s been launched in the last three years it’s tracking well above.”

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  1. God bless Sega. For the company that was Nintendo's mortal enemy just 15 years ago, it's surprising that Sega seems to be one of the only companies that not only refuses to give up on hardcore games for the Wii but is championing hardcore games for the Wii. Madworld? The Conduit? Sega seems determined to show that the Wii CAN be a badass hardcore system, and I'm SO thankful for that.