Monday, September 28, 2009

(Wii) Your Shape Boxart Revealed!

Back in June, during the Electronic Entertainment Expo, everybody was so busy talking about Project natal from Microsoft and how the PlayStation eye was to be used with the PSUI controller that they forgot all about the camera that Ubisoft and Nintendo worked together to bring out. Now, Ubisoft has revealed the final box art for "Your Shape". Check it out below...


-- Your Shape E3 2009 trailer --

-- Your Shape GamesCom 2009 BTS Trailer --

-- Jenny McCarthy Introduces Your Shape --


After watching all of that, I guess its time for me to get a USB hub with more than 4 ports. When you add the USB Keyboard for the Internet Channel, Wii Speak microphone, the Guitar Hero or RockBand microphone, RockBand guitars and maybe a USB hard drive for multimedia, you're going to need a nice sized hub.

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