Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My New Guitar is Beautiful!


On Monday I got my copy of Guitar Hero 5 but I did not have a guitar to play with until today. Say hello to my "Aly and AJ Guitar Hero guitar"!

Its light and has a few cons but the major pro, outweigh what negatives I could find. The buttons feel normal, "clicky" as always but I like that. It also feels a bit smaller than the official Activision made guitars. The strum bar is a bit smaller in length so I had to get used to it. The whammy bar seems a bit off but it works. My biggest fear with this guitar is, the fact that the plastic feels very lightweight and not as durable as the official guitar. Aside from all of that its an "Aly and AJ" guitar! I'm so happy I finally have one. Ive been looking for this guitar since two holiday seasons ago and I finally found one, (the last one) at a local area GameStop (...I guess they're good for something).

I just finished doing some homework and now I'm blogging a bit. Expect a few post then, I'll be away for a while to cook, play some "Guitar Hero 5" and catch up on last night's episode of ECW. I hope you all have a good evening!

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  1. lol. As girly as it looks, that also looks just slightly hardcore as