Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ju-On The Grudge Comparison


Is it me or does the North American boxart for Ju-On makes the game seem a lot tamer than its Nihon counterpart? Its even worse when the words "Haunted House Simulator" is placed on the title. It just makes things feel... fake. I thought the whole point of the horror genre is to bring the person "in". If your audience has that "this is fake" mindset on them then you lose the opportunity to really scare them. Either way, this gives me that "Illbleed feeling" Anyone remember that Dreamcast game? Below are the NTSC U and J boxarts so that you may make your own comparison.

North American Region Box Art (NTSC-U)

Japanese Region Box Art (NTSC-J)


I also decided to provide some gameplay footage. Here are the four "Feel Fear" concept videos that were used to show off the gameplay for "Ju-On"

"Feel Fear" Concept Video #1

"Feel Fear" Concept Video #2

"Feel Fear" Concept Video #3

"Feel Fear" Concept Video #4

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