Wednesday, August 12, 2009

HOOKED on Trace Memory R!!


OK first off, sorry for lagging with the blog post. Secondly, I have been a bit busy playing Trace Memory R (also known as Another Code R in Japan and PAL regions). If you are not familiar with the Trace Memory games, don't feel so bad. Trace Memory came out for the Nintendo DS a few years back and while the game received great reviews, American gamers didn't "bite" enough to garner good sales.

Because of that fact, Nintendo of America is still up in the air on the localization of Trace Memory R to the states. This is why I went ahead and got a PAL copy of the game and honestly it was one of my better gaming moves! This game takes place two years after the first and Ashley (our protagonist) is now 16 years old. She is invited to a camping trip by her father and deals with a few things. First she deals with her strained relationship and things turn to a new mystery about her deceased mother and one dealing with a new friend she meets at the campsite. Aside from solving the two mysteries Ashley and her friend Matt are faced with, it is very fun to watch Ashley deal with the norms of teenage life. She deals with snobby girls, cool college guys, being in a band and other things you would expect from a teenage girl. The interactions between the characters really do help to round out Ashley as a person.

Right now I am halfway done with the game and because there is no wrestling tonight, that's even better for me! I get to spend a good chunk of the night playing! I know I have a few other writing projects to finish up but I think there will be a fair chance that I will end up writing a review for this game. If you are a person who imports games or have a Wii capable of playing import games, this game is definitely worth checking out.

-- "Another Code R" UK commercial --

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