Monday, August 31, 2009

Banned for Life...Literally!


Now, I have heard of long banning, but this one is beyond crazy!

Just in case you cant read Japanese the message says the following...

"Because you used modified data to connect online, you're now banned. The ban will be lifted at 22:49 on 12/12/9999. In the future, if you violate the terms of service, it is possible that you will be banned for good."

Here's a question. If someone is banned for the remainder of their life, how exactly can that person violate the terms of service? I guess being banned until the year "Nine thousand nine hundred ninety nine" isn't "forever". With that said, if any of you are playing the Japanese version of Monster Hunter 3 on a modded or imported Wii or are planning to play the Stateside version next year, DONT CHEAT!

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