Saturday, August 29, 2009

(WiiWare) "Lost Winds" Sequel FTW!


Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias Has just been announced in a recent edition of Edge Magazine. Special thanks to for the new information

- Called Lost Winds: Winter of Melodias
- Toku can change seasons
- Switch between summer and winter
- Skills: swim, create cyclones
- Cyclones have a few abilities such as being able to drill through rocks, scoop up water
- Map has been redone
- Hint system
- Developers were pleased with the first game but still have many ideas
- devs have heard the complaints of the first game being too short
- NPCs are now more interactive, and have more to say
- takes place directly after the first game
- Toku’s mother has disappeared while exploring the ruins of a city created by the Melodia
- Toku and Enril follow clues left in a journal to save Toku's mother
- Summerfalls Village is experiencing a never-ending Winter
- people in the village are afraid of monsters that lurk in the snow
- Sonte (a spirit) allows Toku to control the seasons
- expect old and new gameplay elements
- Glorbs return from the first game, and have new forms
- create a cyclone by pressing buttons/shaking the Wiimote
- sales of LostWind were spot-on with what Frontier expected
- sequel development nearly complete

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