Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Guitar Hero 5 For Wii Takes the Leap in Online Features


Just recently Activision announced a list of features that will be in the Wii version of Guitar Hero 5. Its looking like Nintendo's induction of Wii System Menu 4.0 was a big help to Activision because we are finally getting FULL album downloads. -and who said the Wii wasn't capable of so called "next gen" features?

- supports high capacity SD cards
- supports SD card streaming
- Guitar Hero Music Store has a news section to give updates on content just added
- Full albums, track packs, and single songs can be purchased all at once
- search albums by full collection or just one song
- preview songs, and then pick/choose the ones you want to purchase
- songs come with album art
- set more than one song to download at a time
- download songs at your on convenience, pausing downloads to finish later
- no need to have free Wii space due to streaming SD card functionality
- 32 gig HCSD card will give you room for 800+ songs
- fee for importing covers licensing fees
- free download updates World Tour song for play modes in Guitar Hero 5
- higher quality audio
- Rock Archive allows you to manage your SD card from in the game

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