Friday, May 15, 2009

Blogging Away...

>> Note to Blogspot Users<<
If there are a few things that seem off or out of place I apologize in advance. I normally host my blogs on a site called Today I came up with the idea to post blogs from this site when I am browsing the web on my DSi and port them over to my GBATemp blog when I get back home. In reverse, if I start a blog post from GBATemp abd there are a few references for that site, it will be because I am porting my post from that site to this one. Eventually I would like to get to a point where everything is streamlined. For now please bare with me.

--My Life With DSi--

I just got this little thing last week and I can honestly say it was one of my best purchases. By little thing, I'm referring to my Nintendo DSi. I purchased this (slightly) used DSi unit last Friday and I am having a blast with its features. Oddly enough, I haven't been able to use this thing for the one reason I always joked about, taking pictures of the ladies. The included mp4 player is wicked awesome, especially the ability to grab instrumentals of my songs. My favorite feature so far is the Web Browser. While there is no built in flash player :( the browser does a great job rendering web pages. By the way, I'm actually typing this blog from DSi. On one final note, the only thing that is missing is a DSi compatible flash card but, that's another story.

--In Gaming News Today--

The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) is right around the corner (first week of June) and I can't wait to see what comes out of this years' expo! As a fan of Nintendo I will be keeping close tabs on "Ninty's" press event. There are a few things I'm expecting from the press event. 1) News on games that will be using the Motion Plus (released in June). 2) News on "channel" features for Wii and DSi. Considering that there are 2 movie viewing channels for Wii and one with DSi connectivity, I would be surprised if one of these channels did not make it to the states. 3) The introduction of DSi only games. It's bound to happen.

--Arrgh I Wear my Eye Patch Proudly--

Yes, I'm a pirate... So? Mama raised me to be a geek! Thank you very much! *cheeky smile* In the news of my piracy exploits, well, there isn't much. Just finished burning a copy of "Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree" (Wii), this morning. Maybe, it will help me exercise my noggin. I'm waiting for next weeks release of "Punch Out Wii". Next download FTW!

--Power Rangers RPM--

Ok, Like I promised, here is your weekly catch up with Power Rangers RPM. Today I present to you Episodes 10 and 11. Episode ten it titled "Ranger Blue" and episode 11 is "Doctor K". "Doctor K" is a real tear jerker, a first for the writing of any Power Rangers season. Honestly, there was a scene in "Ranger Blue" that slightly pulled at my heart strings but not as much as Episode 11. I hope you enjoy both episodes

Ranger Blue 1/3

Ranger Blue 2/3

Ranger Blue 3/3


Doctor K 1/3

Doctor K 2/3

Doctor K 3/3

On a side note, I want to say congrats to my friend on graduating from VCU :D ! Big props to ya!

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

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