Saturday, May 23, 2009


--Nothing Special--

Its another Saturday. A few good things happened but I still remain a bit bummed. The morning started off with me not wanting to get out of bed. I typed my usual "Good morning" message to Ten-Chan and spend a decent chunk of time trying to fix my makeshift antenna for the digital tuner on my bedroom TV. Noon came along and the first half of the 12:00 hour was a repeat of last weeks episode of "Power Rangers RPM" You can actually find that episode in this blog. It's episode 12.

Moving on, I was treated to a brand spanking new episode of RPM at 12:30 and I will not spoil the episode before posting it but I will say that it is worth the watch. The rest of the afternoon goes by and I spent that time on instant messenger talking to Rekcah-Chan and poping sporradic messages to Ten-Chan. By 6 ish Rekcah-Chan arrives here and I finish the Wii System Menu 4.0 safe (for homebrew) update on his system. We watch the first two episodes of RPM together (to introduce him to the show) and then it was off to get some dinner. We ended up getting Chinese.

Ate here at the apartment, watched a few Japanese hip-hop music videos and afterwards he went home. I can't complain. The time I spent with my friend was great. That doesnt mean I dont miss the company of certain other people. Honestly I'm kinda hurting. Person A) I invited over multiple times and everytime I offer the invitation that person never comes. Person B) ...well, this situation is way more complicated. I understand how important certain elements in person B's life are but it would be nice if P.B. would just take a break long enough to spend some time with me. Its mighty hard to try to get to know somebody if the only time you get to see them is once a month (if you're lucky). Missing person A isnt as impactful as missing person B. Sometimes it feels as if person B could care less if we ever got to see each other face to face. Sometimes it feels like I should stop talking to person B long enough to see if I would ever be missed by B. Somehow I have this sad feeling that, B might not even care. I miss person B but I dont think that person gets it.


I dont have a clue what I'm doing tomorrow. I would really like to try to make some progress in one of my games. "The Godfather" sounds nice. Maybe I might do some weeding to my town in "Animal Crossing: City Folk". Who knows.

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

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