Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Today, Yesterday, Whatever in between

--Getting the Lame Stuff out of the Way--

Today I lost my Nintendo DSi system due to another harsh life lesson. I really do not feel like going into details but it was one of those moments where I should really have accepted the advice of others. Note to the wise, if THREE people give you the SAME advice, take it!

--Explanation of People Places & Things--

Throughout this blog there will people that I will talk about often. For the sake of privacy I will Refer to them by partial (or full) nick and "chan" if they are a friend or by title if its a family member (i.e. Sister, Cousin, ect). For the most part, general places and items will be disclosed in full.

--Happy Gaming Moments--

Sadly, I do not have my copy of "Punch Out Wii" yet, but the download should be done in roughly 3 hours. To keep myself busy I spend time playing "Super Punch Out" (SNES). Its hard to imagine that "Super Punch Out" is fifteen years old! I feel old now. My friend Lemon-chan and I was taking turns trying to beat different boxers throughout the game. It was funny getting our hinies whipped only for one of us to figure out our opponents pattern and defeat him. Ive been a Nintendo fan since I was 6 and I have to admit that until now I have not personally stepped into the boxing ring with the "Punch out" series. I have enjoyed watching people play on numerous occasions but I guess I just wasn't sure about playing. Thanks to this new Wii version, I was motivated to go back and find out what exactly it was that I missed out on and I am happy to say I am a new "Punch Out" fan! Before I stop blabbing on and on about how great "Punch Out" is I will leave you with two awesome extended commercials for the Wii version.

Here is the "Doc Luis" commercial explaining the game controls using the "Wii Remote/Nunchuck" combination

This Commercial is the "Little Mac" commercial that is the extended version of the one used on TV

--RPM: Get in Gear--

As usual, here is last weeks episode of "Power Rangers: RPM". There might not be a new episode for a while. Last time I checked the release list this episode I am showing you was the last one titled before the first repeat period. It would have been better if Disney would have just aired the first 18 episodes and not just the first 12 before going into repeats. The first 18 episodes are already completed and if the show stops here for a brief repeat season that means that we will be spending the next 6 weeks in repeats On a side note I have just found my new, favorite "Ziggy Moment" at 5:45 of 1/3 of this episode.

Blitz 1/3

Blitz 2/3

Blitz 3/3

I'm starting to feel lazy now and I'm still bummed out about my lack of a DSi so I am signing off. I hope everyone has a good night :)

Milk & Cookies,
Lightning Kid =^_^=

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