Saturday, May 30, 2009

=^_^= Meow!

--Kiss From Heaven--

It was supposed to be another ordinary Friday. Wake up, visit some people, come home, watch "SmackDown". You. You appeared like a dream, a wish come true. Not to far from the second I laid eyes on you I was taken somewhere. Was it heaven? Was it the one thing I live for. Whatever it was, the taste was amazing! My heart was racing and my mind was in disbelief. Was it really happening?! Should I pinch myself? Did I get hit by a car while biking home? Whatever it was I never want to leave that moment. Within that moment, life FINALLY had a meaning. Its hard now, not to act like a giddy school girl who has just had her first kiss. I think I'm managing. Whatever I'm doing I know this... I cant stop thinking about you. I used to think you were on my mind a lot before, well I was wrong. I don't think anything will ever top this. It feels nice to have a heart that's mending for once. Thank you... Now go get some rest!!! *XoXoXo*

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