Sunday, May 24, 2009

I'm Done

I don't normally get up at five in the morning to write a blog post but you need to know something. I simply cant do this anymore. I cant keep going on with no progress. There's is no progress because you don't want any progress. its been almost five months and things are going nowhere. You NEVER spend any REAL time with me. Its like you're afraid to be alone with me. You only "drop by" when its convenient for you. "I need help with moving, you just happen to be some help, lets call this chill time" or "I'm on the way to get groceries and your apartment happens to be along the way, let me pick you up and you can watch me shop and we'll call this chill time". Exactly what I mean, "convenient for you". How many times have I said "Hey, lets go to a movie."? How many times have you said you were lonely and I offered to drop by? You for some reason just don't want to be alone with me. if it involves you mentally being alone with me ,with you having to think about getting to know me and not some other task at hand, you don't want to deal with it. I'm TIRED! I cant simply do it anymore. I cant keep trying to put in and you're not giving a inch. You just don't care and have never cared to get to know me. I was just some comfort zone for you and I'm not doing it anymore. I guess this could be looked at as a "change your ways or goodbye" but its whatever you make of it. I'm standing my ground. If you really cared you would SPEND SOME TIME WITH ME. I'm no fool, I understand you have responsibilities but if I'm the least bit important to you, you would at least make time for me and you simply don't. You never do and frankly, I'm tired of being your last minute thought when I think about you every hour of the day...

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