Saturday, May 16, 2009

...On My Mind

--Own Personal Jesus--

To whom it may concern,

My heart belongs to one person and you know who it is but I am so confused and even scared so Im telling you how Im feeling. Im going to pour my heart out and hopefully when I'm done there wont be any confusion. I also hope things wont be strained.

I can't be your own personal Jesus anymore. Its already hard enough to be in love with someone who is not in love with me. I fully understand you need for time and space to develop whatever it may be. I can respect where you are coming from on many things but you need to know something. Its not fair for me to love you when you can easily shove in my face how you dont love me or how we're not dating. Its not fair for me to love you when you set me aside and dear get dissapointed when I dont feel happy about your words.

I feel like you want me to love you in spite of all your ups and down. I just cant have a Jesus/Humanity relationship with you. You cant just ask me to accept you while you trample on my personality and expect for all to be forgiven. Its like you think that its manditory for me to forgive everything. Maybe you arent thinking that way but actions speak louder.

Nobody is perfect, I am far from it but its not fair for me to accept you for everything no matter the relationship situation, yet you only deem me dateable if I go through your series of "recommended" changes. Here's a question~or two for you. If I changed, would the Lighty after the change be the same Lighty that you have come to know? Better yet, If it is so necessicary for me to change is it safe for me to say that you truly dont like me?

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