Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Go High Voltage, Go!

--The Hardcore You've Been Waiting For!--

Over the past two nights has had the pleasure of revealing 2 exciting new Wii titles from High Voltage Studios. We already know about their first Wii (disc) game that's due out on June 23rd, The Conduit. Let me introduce you to "Gladiator A.D." and "The Grinder"

--The Gladiator--

Using a updated version of the Quantum 3 game engine created by High Voltage, The Gladiator is a fighting game that takes place in the Roman Gladiator Circuit

Gladiator takes an over-the-shoulder view to bring the player right into the action. The Wii-Remote and Nunchuck represent the right and left hands. Using this control setup player can accurately control his or her attacks, blocks, and dodges. The player has three directional attacks; left slice, right slash, and overhead chop. As well as a slower, but devastating power attack for each direction. On the defense, the player can choose to dodge, parry, or block attacks. Holding block will soak a percentage of the incoming damage, but moving your shield or secondary weapon using the analog stick (while blocking) will allow the player to make perfect blocks, which soaks all damage, and causes his opponent to react, allowing for a retaliatory strike. High Voltage has incorporated slow down of the larger power attacks, similar to the movie 300, to allow players a cinematic attempt to perfect block these attacks.

Because Gladiator A.D. is what High Voltage would consider, the opposite of "The Conduit", the lack of mass character numbers and open spaces allows for the team to add even more graphical polish and detail to the game. Not all of the Quantum 3 updates are graphical. High voltage has added a very interesting new system that changes the dynamic of crowd interactions. This new tech is called "Impostor/Instancing Technology". Originally created by High Voltage to allow for hundreds of character models on screen without frame rate drops, this new tech will be use to change the way the character responds to your moves. Perform with skill and valor and the crown will cheer you on. Do a bunch of cheap shots and you will begin to hear jeers and even have the occasional random item tossed at you. This game is also expected to use the up and coming "Wii Motion Plus" peripheral to add variance to your attacks. There is a full screen and split screen multiplayer mode, with the split screen mode being customizable. Online mode as of yet has not been confirmed as High Voltage is still working their Wii online network. As of right now, "Gladiator A.D." has been in production for 7 months. Look for this game to be released sometime in 2010.

--The Grinder--

Next up on the two new games from High Voltage is "The Grinder" The Grinder is the second first person shooter made by High Voltage for the Wii console. Unlike "The Conduit", where that game was more of a science fiction action shooter, "The Grinder" takes a more supernatural approach where you end off shooting vampires, werewolves and other demons back to the pits of hell. Very much not like "The Conduit" This game is focused on team work. High Voltage has announced that, The Grinder will have a four player online, cooperative mode. For offline gamers, a split screen alternative is also available.

The Story of the game, takes place in a world where monsters are real. Vampires, werewolves, and undead are all a part of everyday life and this world has adapted to their presence. The heroes of this story is a sort of the "cryptobiological" A-Team of going into areas with infestations and killing everything that moves. High Voltage was influenced by a lot of horror movies and the grindhouse style is something they incorporated into their story. Your job in the game is to simply exterminate the monster threat and discover the reason for the monster outbreak.

Hector, Doc, AJ, and Miko are the four playable characters in this game. They all have different backgrounds that provide them with special skill sets. Hector is a bounty hunter who has tracked targets on both sides of the border. Doc wants to figure out what makes the monsters tick. AJ is an urban explorer who had a very bad experience and is looking for revenge. Miko is an assassin looking for a new challenge. They all bring something special to the table in terms of gameplay.

Using the "Impostor and Instancing system" High voltage is able to push out many detailed characters on the same screen. The game will also feature weapon upgrades and light RPG (role playing game) elements. So far High Voltage has been able to generate 65 enemies on screen at once. That was just their initial tests. Quantum 3 has also been pushed to allow for not only better graphic details but even more special effects. There will be a variety of weapons in this game and players will also be able to dual wield some of these weapons. Be on the lookout for this game, also in 2010!

--Some Conduit Stuff--

With all of this talk about High Voltage Studios, we CAN'T forget about "The Conduit". This is the Wii game we have all been waiting for and it will be here soon, extremely soon. The game will be out on June 23rd and if you are a Wii owner this is a must have title to place in your collection! Before I end this post I leave you with

NOTE: If you see that little HD or HQ button by the control bar of the respective video, USE IT! You do not, do any of these videos justice by watching them in a lower resolution. Trust me it is worth it to push that button!

The Conduit: Story Trailer

The Conduit: Multiplayer Gameplay Trailer

The Conduit: Features Trailer

The Conduit: Improvements Trailer

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