Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday Morning Blog

--On a Happy Note--

Punch Out Wii was officially released yesterday. Last night I grabed copies of Punch Out (NES), Mike Tyson's Punch Out (NES) and Super Punch Out (SNES) just to round off the collection. I'm hoping to have a copy of Punch Out Wii before the end of Tuesday. Wish me luck.

--Judgement Day--

Last night I had the opportunity to watch WWE Judgement Day. The pay per view was honestly, pretty bland. As bland as the white ropes used for the ring. The show kicks off with C.M. Punk verses Umaga with Umaga getting the Win :( . I was far from happy about that but I guess the fued will keep Punk busy until its time for him to cash in his "Money in the Bank" briefcase. None of the titles changed hands but I was really hoping that Jeff Hardy would capture the world heavyweight Championship last night. Thanks to Jeff's brother Matt, that did not happen. As for the Ortin/Batista match. It wasnt so bad, loved the beatdown Batista received from Ortin's "Legacy" faction. Like I said, the show was pretty bland so sady, i dont have much to rave about.

--On a Personal Note--

Im starting to get very tired of feeling ignored by people. Im at the point where I feel like taking everybody off my "buddies/friends" list on every messenger and every social networking site. I'm tired of always being the one to have to initiate conversation. There are even days where im logged into a messenger with other people being active and nobody will say "Hi". I'm DONE! I'm tired of people never coming by unless a) they can get something off me or b) I'm throwing some get together. I try to make a effort to say "Hi" to every "friend" I have daily yet people dont even care enough to give me a simple "hello". This is whats going to happen. Im going to observe the actions of all my so called friends and If i feel that you are wasting a spot on my friends list, you're off. I'm tired of people being fake with me. You either want me as a friend or you dont. I'd rather be a hermet and not talk to anyone, ever, than to be hurt by the people who are supposed to care about me because they cant even act like I exist.

--To Finish Things Off--

There is a good chance that I will be back later on today. I want to talk about a topic that needs to be talked about, especially for Wii owners. That topic is "Game Developer Lazyness". Here we are in year 3 of the Wii's console cycle and while the third party developers have stepped up their game, there are a few thing that have not be addressed. Here is an example. We have three "Need for Speed games" (Carbon, Pro Street and Undercover) on Wii and all three have online components on the HD systems (360 & PS3), the wii supports online connectivity and we STILL dont have a online simulation racing game! Devs can't say there's no reasonable online connectivity because I'm typing this blog from my Wii. The fact remains that there's lazyness abroad and most developers keep throwing lame excuses on why they claim something can't be done on the little white box. I'm going to stop my ranting for now but I will continue this later. For now, I wish everyone a happy Monday!

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