Monday, May 25, 2009

Get in Gear...Again

As I promised, here is "Power Rangers RPM" episode 13, "Brothers Keeper" I just checked the schedueling for future episodes and we're due in for two weeks of repeats. Here's what to look forward to for the next few weeks...

(May 30 and June 6 - reruns)
ep 14 - Sat Jun 13 - 12:30 - Embodied
ep 15 - Sat Jun 20 - 12:30 - Ghosts
(June 27 - reruns)
ep 16 - Sat Jul 4 - 12:30 - In or Out

Kinda sucks how we're getting a repeat on my birthday (June 27) but I guess It allows me to focus on my B-day...then again I don't think anything special is happening that day. OK, enough ranting, here is the episode

Brothers Keeper 1/3

Brothers Keeper 2/3

Brothers Keeper 3/3 (Note: Sorry about the "glitches" near the end of this episode)

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