Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lamest Sunday EVER!


-- Going Crazy --

My thoughts are all over the place! Well, not all over the place but on one subject and all over the place, within that subject. My body is shaking. I can hardly sleep and I can hardly breathe. I've been at it for two weeks. Put my thoughts to rest! I love them but now they make my body go haywire. I don't know how to express this so I'm trying this route. I don't know how to further approach this so I'm telling you now. I need my thoughts put to rest.


-- Tiger Woods 10 --

(12:50 pm) ...I swear if the time on this download gets any higher I'm going to bust. I mean bust in that mad. angry, annoyed way. I haven't waited this long on a 4Gb download since the days where I used to use a generator to power up my old apartment. Back in those days, I used to have to ration computer time so that all the gas in the tank wouldn't be sucked up. This damn thing was, supposed to have been done by now. Now it fluctuates between a ETA of 2 and 3 hours. Talk about annoying.

-- Company --

(1:00 pm) ...It would be so nice to have some company today but I guess the chances of that are slim. Its lonely here at times. I don't always want to play with my Wii games by myself...

-- Pizza --

(1:55 pm) ...I don't know why but for some reason I'm craving for pizza. a quick $5.00 pizza from Little Caesars would hit the spot. It weird how things just suddenly hit you. BTW This has to be the most boring Sunday I have ever had.

-- Making Tea --

(3:03 pm) ...Just finished making a batch of tea. I didn't want to waste the excess from the first bottle so I decided to make another batch and leave that in my blue pitcher. I ran out of sugar to complete the second batch so its staying in the pitcher as a W.I.P. Hopefully nobody decides to raid my fridge and decides to drink my unfinished tea.

-- 99 Percent --

Why is it that torrent downloads almost ALWAYS hang at 99% ?! I swear, I just don't get it. A second ago I only had 29 minutes on this download and now it's up to 52 minutes. Talk about wanting to pull my hair out. BTW I'm still craving for pizza!

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