Wednesday, June 3, 2009



-- Postponement --

..E3 coverage will be postponed until tomorrow, depending on multiple factors.

-- Just Want to Be --

Its yet another moonlit night. The moon is a lot fuller than it was yesterday, shining just as bright. I don't know. I see it but I don't feel it. The moon isn't shining bright enough for me. I just wish that something was beaming on me, something warm, something loving, something that makes me feel beautiful. I'm starting to feel like I'm far from it. I just don't know how it feels anymore. To be beautiful to someone. Maybe I'm not. Maybe I'm such a wreck that I will never be that again. I was told that I was but, that was some time ago. I miss it so much. They were the sweetest words ever said to me. Its kinda hard to hate someone who has ever told you that. That person is long gone now.

I think Ive found hope. Someone new but I'm not sure. Everything tells me to run yet everything tells me to stay. Its so confusing and scary. Yes, I get scared. Often than not. I'm the different one, remember. The world thinks of me as an oddball. Doesn't matter as long as I'm beautiful to someone. Living would be so much worth it if I can wake up every day and know I'm "just fine" by that special someone. Living, knowing that no matter how "different" or how much of a oddball I can be, I will still be beautiful. I don't care about my looks. I want my heart to be beautiful to someone. If I could have one wish it would be for one thing. I would give up every idea of a "good wish" for that one. If I ad a genie I would use one wish and give away the other two. That's how dear it is to me. I just want to be beautiful to someone.

-- Today's Horoscope --

My Yahoo horoscope for today looks promising... Who knows?

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