Sunday, June 14, 2009

NOBODY Gets It!!!!


-- Some people NEED to read this to understand why I am so mad today!!! --

I just wasted three DVD-R disc back to back because of a failed burn or bad information. I JUST got "Tiger Woods 10" to finish its download after waiting ONE WHOLE WEEK. The first disc becomes a bad burn because I was trying to close two apps and was being bombarded with IMs at the same time. The second disc burns correctly but wont load on my Wii either through the "Disc Channel" or through the "Backup Loader" channel. The third disc, I was going to place the game image on there as a data disc, take it over to windows and burn a fourth disc (that I would grab from Auntie) as a game disc.

Well, whoop de fracking do, the third disc goes all coaster on me and that burn gets botched up. ALL THREE disc that I purchased this week are all wasted. How would you feel if you were downloading a movie, or a music cd or some work, only had THREE disc to use and did NOT have any extra money to buy more then, all of your THREE disc frack up on you?!?! You wouldn't feel so good now would you? Maybe I should just chill like most people are saying but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about the situation. Everybody wants me to have sympathy for them when bad things happen well, I would expect the same from everybody else. They were not "just disc" They were going to be my copies of "Tiger Woods 10", "Grand Slam Tennis" and "Virtua Tennis 2009" and now I'm empty handed. Its not the fact that they were just simple disc that mattered but the intention and the data they were to be used for. next time one of your DVD movies or a CD breaks and someone tells you that they were "just disc", remember this post...

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