Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Spectrobes: The Novel?


Disney's answer to Pokemon, Spectrobes, is now entering into the literal world with its first novel; "Spectrobes: First Contact" It was only a matter of time until the company started to supplement the Nintendo DS/DSi and upcoming Wii games with another media outlet. I'm hoping to see a television show soon. Maybe we will see one on Disney's "XD" channel.

"Spectrobes: First Contact" will be followed by a second book, "Spectrobes: Rise of the Ancient". The two books, available now, follow the storyline of the first two Nintendo DS/DSi titles. The third book "Spectrobes: Origins", will be released in August. Perfect timing for the release of the Wii game, sharing the same respective name. A fourth book, "Spectrobes: The Ultimate Returns", is scheduled for release on November 3rd. If each book is following a the story of a released game, one can only speculate if the fourth book will be following another game or kick starting something else.

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