Sunday, June 14, 2009

Drowning and I Love It


Curious? I always was. Well, at least for as long as I have known you. It's that curiosity that has led me to this beautiful sea of water on a steaming hot day. At first I wasn't so sure. I was afraid of my reaction, afraid of the possible danger. I waded in the water, ankle deep, getting a good feel of you. In that moment I discovered that the risk was worth it. I begin to step deeper. Sometimes your waves scared me but I held my ground. Eventually the cold touch of the water gave way to the warmness below. Your warmness inside. Waist deep then chest deep and eventually I decided to go in all the way. I closed my eyes, fearing the truth but, come to find out, when I opened my eyes the truth was beautiful. Underneath the the cold tip was a warm blue sea of happiness. A feeling I have never felt before. You worry about drowning, I'm already there and I don't want to leave. You oxygen bubbles keep me alive as you submerge me. My own personal heaven, the outside does not matter and never has. Every bit of being here brings a new surprise, something beautiful to see. I never want to leave. Drowning in you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Take me deeper and don't let the waves push me away. I want to explore and see everything, and know all about you...

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