Thursday, June 25, 2009

Life is Too Short...


Farah and Michael in the same day... It's not only shocking and depressing but it makes you think about a lot. First off I owe Ten-Chan an apology. While I was acting like a spoiled brat I really wasn't thinking much about the words that were exiting my mouth. I can totally understand if you never want to hear from me again but I'm dearly sorry. To the ones who are close to me, if you never hear me say it you can read it now. You all mean so much to me. We don't always agree or get to spend time together but I love you all dearly. Yes, even when we do drive each other nuts. To my little princess. You're too young to read this but Papa loves and thinks about you every day. To your mother, we dont get along at times but I don't hate you. To everyone that has ever crossed paths with me. Please forgive the negative things I have done to you in the past and know that the positive things were always done with the best of intentions. To some of you who know me well, NO, I am not writing a will. As for how I feel right now. I can more than say that I'm confused, afraid and sad. Even with all of that I still remail hopeful. Besides, it's all I have these days. I hope for brighter days and I hope that one of these days I can better show my care for others. I hope that someone special knows how much my heart belongs to her, even when I act like a giant spoiled baby. To my friends, may our friendships last longer. To my little one, daddy will always be there for you. I think I finished saying whats I can say from my heart. Its a bit numb and hurting and I know that I lashed out on a few people but I'm truly sorry. Life is too short. If something happens to any of us (Friends, Family, Special Someone) I want you to know that I love you all with all of my heart.

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