Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Michael Patcher strongly believes in a "disc-less" gaming future


Thanks to "gameindustry.biz" for these quotes from famed video game industry analyst Michael Patcher. It looks like the guy is hoping too hard for the end of disc based gaming.

-- Quote 1 --

"In ten years, we envision a world where the typical console has a terabyte or more of storage, and where full game downloads are the norm," the report states.

-- Quote 2 --

"There will always be a sizeable number of consumers who value the trade-in option and portability, and we expect those consumers to favour physical goods over digital downloads. Thus, we expect that digital downloads will represent less that 50 per cent of total game sales in ten years' time."

-- Quote 3 --

"We think that the poster child for this scenario is Grand Theft Auto IV on the Xbox 360, a game first sold in physical form, with additional levels sold periodically thereafter through downloads. After a tepid embrace of its first downloadable episode, Take-Two decided to offer the first and second episodes in a combined physical package, with the two episodes allowing full game play without the purchase of the original GTA IV game disc.

-- Quote 4 --

"This model reinforces our belief that packaged goods will capture the majority of game purchases for the next ten years."

- With those quotes said I would love for you all to fill me in on your thoughts. Personally I love disc based media. I feel more in control of my media when its on something physical then when its a download that is "licensed" to me.

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