Monday, June 8, 2009

The Nintendo Conference


-- Enter, Cammie --

Nintendo's Executive Vice President, Cammie Dunaway enters the stage and starts off the conference by reminding the audience how popular gaming has become She states that gaming as a form of media has now become more popular than home movies, toys and music and theater. She continues by talking about how everyone in the immediate audience is professionally connected to gaming and that the success of their industry also depends on how well they perform. After, she goes into Nintendo's current philosophy. "Create, Surprise". She explains that a surprise can be that thing that is new and bold and makes a presence, something that cant be ignored simply because of its magnitude. She continues stating that a surprise can also be that small "shout" in a level. The little something that makes everything meaningful.

Cammie continues by telling the audience that Nintendo plans to bring new surprises through old and new content, characters and franchises and gives "Super Mario" as a example. This is when the audience is introduced to a Super Mario Montague and "New Super Mario Bros: Wii" is revealed. Bill Trinnen (Nintendo Treehouse division translator and game presenter), Cammie Dunaway and two other Nintendo Treehouse workers, demo the 4 player mode of the game.

-- The Balance Board Effect --

Cammie's next subject is the Wii balance board. She stated that the balance board alone has surpassed the sales of some major gaming systems that it's starting to be known by market analyst as its own gaming platform. Wii Fit has sold 15 million copies. Nintendo wanted to find ways to make the game easier to fit into your life and more official and the new "Wii Fit Plus" is their answer.

Wii Fit Plus

"Will Fit: Plus" will feature the following...

-New locker room feature
-6 new activities
-Players can now omit interludes to streamline activities
-Keep track of calories
-15 new balance games
-Fall of 2009 available with or without the balance board.

-- Wii Motion Plus --

Reggie Fils-Amie, president of Nintendo of America enters the stage to give us a chat about Nintendo's new peripheral, the "Wii Motion Plus". He goes on to say that Nintendo is always trying to find new ways for gamers to play; first introducing the Wii Remote, then the Nunchuck, Balance Board and now Motion Plus.

Reggie continues his speech by emphasizing that Nintendo and third parties strongly believe in this new peripheral and that there will be games that use Motion Plus. The following games listed are the first supporters

- Tiger Woods 10
- Virtua Tennis
- Grand Slam Tennis
- Wii Sports Resort

-- Wii Sports Resort Demo --

Bill Trinnen (Treehouse division) returns to the stage to give the audience a demo of Wii Sports Resort...

After the demo is completed Reggie makes the following 2 notes, showing that third party companies vew the Wii console as a oppertunity.

- More third party titles sold for Wii than any other platform with the DS/DSi brand coming in second.

- Red Steel 2 only playable with Motion Plus

-- Nintendo Knows RPG's --

FFCC The Crystal Bearers

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days

Golden Sun DS

-- Nintendo DSi --

Cammie returns to stage and begins talking about the Nintendo DS brand. Starting this summer, DSi owners will be able to upload pictures (taken with their DSi camera) to Facebook. After making that announcement Cammie continues with a factoid stating that; DSi sales have passed 1 million in the few months released and 400,000 more DS Lite units have been sold in the same time period. The following games were alsp apart of her Nintendo DS presentation...

Women's Murder Club: Games of Passion

C.O.P. The Recruit

Style Savy

Flip Note Studio

Mario Vs. Donkey Kong 3: Mini's March Again

WarioWare DIY

The Legend of Zelda Spirit Tracks

-- Vitality Sensor --

Nintendo CEO, Satoru Iwata takes the stage and talks about Nintendo's goal to provide a gaming experience that is catered to everyone. He

-- Super Mario Galaxy 2 --

Cammie returns to stage to drop the first of two big (hardcore) announcements...

-- 3rd Party Hardcore Games --

Reggie follows up and presents the audience with trailers for three games that he believes will satisfy the "hardcore" gaming audience. The following games are.

- The Conduit
- Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles
- Dead Space Extraction

Note: you can find trailers HERE for the games listed as well as other games of interest.

-- The "M" Surprise! --

After talking about the "hardcore" games that will be provided by other companies, he was not exactly ready to end the show. The president of Nintendo of America left the audience with a bombshell announcement. A surprise, within something old. Once again, following up with Nintendo's philosophy of "Create, Surprise".

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