Friday, June 19, 2009

Peaches, Peaches and More Peaches. Just Peachy!


Frankly I have had one to many peaches in one week. I'm tired of peaches. I could be mean and start throwing peaches at other people but why lower myself to that level? Its funny how some people after giving you a peach come back to you to see if you're liking your peach. In response, "I hate peaches, especially yours." More often than not, nobody gets how I feel. Its sickening how people think they can do something to you, expect for you to act a certain way because they think it's "mature" and then look at you weird because you react the way you do. Honestly I really don't care. My level of care is at "zero level". There are no magical potions or extra "Hit Points" or magical boxes that spew out mushrooms. Right now nothing is going to rise my "care level". I'm not going to play "friendship" I wouldn't dare think of putting someone through what I been through for the past months. Well, with all of that said, hopefully next week will be better. At least I have things to look forward to...

Tomorrow (I know it's technically not next week) All NEW episode of "Power Rangers RPM"

Sunday - Fathers Day! I want to see my little one soo badly!

Monday - 2 hours of commercial free "WWE: Monday Night RAW"

Tuesday - "The Conduit" (Wii). After two LONG years of waiting, FINALLY this game gets released! ...oh, and lets not forget a new episode of ECW

Wednesday - I dunno... I'll figure out something

Thursday - "WWE: Superstars"

Friday - "WWE: Friday Night SmackDown"

Saturday - My Birthday!!!

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