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ECW review + Superstars and SmackDown Spoilers


Here are the spoilers/match results for the SmackDown/ECW event here in Richmond Virgina (07/21/09). This is a work in progress so be sure to check back for more info...


Yoshi v.Regal

- Lots of Regal sucks chants
- Very back and forth match
- Yoshi performs a VERY nice head kick
- Yoshi Wins

Ezekiel Jackson vs Mike Williams (jobber)

- It was very shameful watching Mike Williams just walk to the ring with no intro music.
- The match can be described in three phrases: thunderous kick, clothesline, standing rock bottom
- Ezekiel Wins
- Kozlov interrupts looks at Ezekiel and then slams Mike
- "Poor jobber..."

Goldust Vs Shelton Benjamin

- Match was heavy on Irish whips
Another back and forth match until Goldust performs a sidewalk slam on Benjamin and gains a near pinfall
- Lots of cheering for Benjamin. I wonder if we, the fans are slowly turning him into a "face"
- Benjamin Wins

Shamus Promo

- Sounds like he was ragging on Finley a bit.

"Night of Champions" Vignette

Backstage, Gregory Helms interviews Paul Burchill about his match against Tyler Rex. Goldust interrupts and Katie reminds Paul to keep focused on his match.

Tyler Rex Vs. Paul Burchill

- Katie is a HOTTIE!
- Lots of passing around my binoculars to check out Katie
- Very "Smash mouth" type of match!
- Lots of power grapples and hard hits followed by a hard slam by Tyler
- Tyler Wins

- The Abraham Washington Show -

- The WWE crew ran out with the furniture and setup for this show was pretty fast
- This has had to be the greatest edition of the show I have seen yet.
- Abe Washington continues his fat jokes on Tommy Dreamer
- Christian comes off as being very "tweener-esque"
- Speaking of Christian, my row was across from the row of the girls, holding the golden glittery "peeps" sign.
- Note: My seat was the front of the first balcony nearest the ramp. I had a nice view of the Abe Washington show!
- "SLAP FEST!" You might think that Christian slapping Dreamer was crazy, try watching that in person! That slap was wild.
- I now have a new found appreciation for the new ECW title. Its not pretty color wise but it really does sparkles and its a beauty to look at.
- Great jokes from Abe, lots of heat between Dreamer and Christian, this was the greatest way to End ECW before the pay per view!
- I found it "cute" that they had the camera high enough that the WWE crew could pull away the smaller bits of furniture, without interrupting the flow of the segment.


-SmackDown event only

Kane vs. John Morrison
- DAMN YOU Kane! Thanks for almost taking away my hearing! Yes, his pyros are loud and hot. I could feel the heat from my seat!
- Nice chokeslam reversed into a starship pain
- This match alone makes watching this Thrusday's "WWE Superstars" VERY worth it!
- Kane loses because he hits Morrison with a chair
- Kahli comes out to save Morrison from another chair shot
- Morrison hits Kane with a chair from behind while he is distracted by Kahli
- It was very funny watching everyone and dancing along with Kahli's theme music. I hope they get that on cam.



"WWE Tribute to Troops" vignette

Best Sign Contest

- I still wonder who won...

Promo of last week's episode


Hardy Promo

- Hardy does a cheap pop for Richmond VA
- Talks about how Punk preaches about the straight edge lifestyle too much
- Says the WWE Universe will be "living in the the moment" with him when he wins the World Heavyweight Championship this Sunday

Jeff Vs. Jericho
- Jeff begins the match by pummeling Jericho
- lot of out of ring action
- lots of heat for Jericho
- Jericho misses a lionsault and 2 walls of jerichos
- Jeff gains a small package but that is quickly broken
- Jeff's dropkick is reversed into a Walls of Jericho
- Jeff makes it to the ropes
- Whisper in the win... near fall
- Jericho's twisted DDT into Jericho's codebreaker
- Jeff Wins VIA Swanton

Michelle McCool and Melina (backstage) promo

John Morrison vignette

Great Kahli Vs. Mike Knox
- Really now?! More Kane pyros? Both times I have been caught off guard!
- Kane attempts to distract Kahli by watching from rampside
- Kahli Wins
- Kahli signals Kane to enter the!ring
- Kane makes it to the ropes then decides to walk away

Dolph Ziggler Vs. Finley
- Ziggler comes out with Maria in arm
- Ziggler cuts a promo, "introducing himself", saying that we will all know him as the next Intercontinental Champion
- Nice announcer table action with Finley bashing Ziggler's face to the table
- Ziggler Wins Via Count Out

Punk Promo
- Challenges the WWE Universe to "Just Say No"
- Talks about how hard it is to be straight edge
- More preaching about saying "no" to temptation
- Hardy interrupts and sties to tell Punk that people make mistakes and can change
- Punk disses Hardy by telling him that he's not going to "enable" Jeff and is going to "Just Say No" to him by walking away

Smack of the Night
-Natalya and Eve during the mixed tag match

Eve Vs Natalya
- Verp physical match. One of the best Diva's matches I have watched in a while.
- Natalya performs a very nice top rope catch of Eve and slams her.
- Natalya also does her patented spinning clothesline on Eve.
- Eve Wins via moonsault
- Hart Foundation had to drag an enraged Natalya away from the ring after match.

Jericho's (backstage) promo with Kahli about his tag titles. Kahli denies partnership.

Charlie Hass Vs R Truth
- Nothing special here...
- R Truth Wins
- R Truth was VERY nice after the match, rallying the crowd in after-match "What's up" chants!

J.R. and Todd Grishim talks about Night of Champions

C.M. Punk Vs Rey
- Ziggler comes out and distracts Rey giving Punk a near fall
- 2 near 619's, and then the GTS is reversed into a 3rd 619 that actually connects.
- Rey wins by Disqualification due to Ziggler's (2nd) interference.
- Rey attempts to 619 Ziggler until Punk stops him
- Ziggler gets up and performs his finisher on Rey TWICE
- Crowd chants for Hardy to save Rey
- Hardy runs out sideswiping Punk
- Hardy saves Rey
- GTS on Hardy
- Punk poses with his title
Dark Match

Jeff Hardy Vs. C.M. Punk (Caged Match) for the World Heavyweight Championship

- Lighting looked very nice
- Hardy does a 10 punch on Punk at the turnbuckle
- Nice kick to face from Hardy which gives him a near fall
- Punk tosses Hardy from turnbuckle to turnbuckle
- Leg drop on Punk
- Hardy misses his swanton
- Punk Wins via rolling pin
- Punk "rips" on hardy about his "usage"
- Punk notes that he was listening to people like Ghandi while Jeff was busy following Michael Hays
- Punk takes a moment to "challenge" Jeff to not smoke or drink for a week
- Jeff says "Richmond VA, I'll drink to that!" and does a twist of fate on Punk.

Check out WWE Night of Champions, this coming Sunday, here!


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