Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Goin' Personal


It has been a while since I have done a blog post about the goings of my life. Recently Things have been on a roller coaster. I keep saying the words "I'm alive" but in some ways I don't feel that way. Today, the day outside was fairly beautiful yet, while walking around, I could not help but to hang my head. I'm still struggling with a damaged heart, the shame of where some elements of my life are and the feelings of being used and not cared about. There is hope but sometimes even the hope can render itself, annoying. Lately, I have been doing things to keep myself "feeling useful" and things that will hopefully pay off in the end.

I'm still big in the Wii modding scene. I frequent GBATemp daily, hoping to spot some new homebrew application to use. As always I skim the net trying to find as much news as I possibly can ti bring back here. Next week is where things will be very busy. On Monday I will be heading out to take a "placement test" for the school I'm trying to enter. While there I will also handle any "financial aid" related issues. Wednesday, I'm going to a job fair. Who knows, maybe I can land something good. I will stay optimistic. Friday is the orientation class for said school. I will be there for a few hours to learn the ropes of the "school culture". In some ways I can't wait. It's a new adventure! Also it's the start to my path of being a more professional video game journalist.

Aside from the goings of next week, I still need to deal with the inner workings of things. Maybe, one day I will finally be able to find some peace and happiness. Maybe one day I will fine the one thing I have always looked for. Oh well...

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