Monday, July 27, 2009

Sexy Fairy Tale Characters and Video Games


Don't you just love when someone takes a favorite childhood memory and turns it into a sexy fantasy? No need to shy away, you know I'm telling the truth. Two games, one for the DS/DSi and one on the Wii's "WiiWare" service are doing just that. Let me introduce to you "Little Red Riding Hood's Zombie BBQ" for the Nintendo DS/DSi and "Zombie Panic in Wonderland" for WiiWare.

Little Red's adventure takes place in "Storyland" where the sultry miss and her partner MomotarĊ (a guy who was born in a giant peach), must save their home land from a zombie invasion. The game is a top-down view, rail shooter. Depending on which character you chose to play as, you will either use Red's assortment of firearms or a giant collection of ninja stars, owned by MomotarĊ, to blast your way through zombies and demons of all kinds. This game was released fall of last year so finding a copy here in the states shouldn't be that hard.


"Zombie Panic in Wonderland" is due out this year. "Zombie Panic" is a third person shooter that features two player co-op play. While made by a different studio then the "Little Red" game, the basic premise seems to be very close. You have a well known fairy tale character (in this case, a very sexy version of Snow White), joined by a ninja (a girl in this game) as they go and fight zombies. I first saw this game a bit after E3 but at the time only a few screen shots were released. We now have a bit more shots but sadly, no shots of Snow White in action. Feel free to check out the new screen shots below.



Here's some "off screen" footage of the game in action...

The following is a list of things that are in the game or things the developer is working on...

- kill all the zombies you can in a minute thirty
- smash up the environment for a higher score
- Japanese setting
- enemies: zombies, ninjas, mummies, an oni (japannese demon), sumo wrestlers, monster trees, skeletons and more
- headshots hurt more
- Zombies bite or throw green glowing stones, ninja throws shurikens, oni has a big stake
- SMG, flamethrower + rocket launcher.
- joystick to move left/right, Z to dodge, d-pad to change gun, B to fire regular guns, A for rocket launcher
- environmental damage to enemies may happen

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