Sunday, July 5, 2009

Console Figures for Q1 and Q2 in Japan


Check out this interesting tid bit from the "Land of the Rising Sun". Thanks to Enterbrain and Famitsu, we now have the figured for the five best-selling video game consoles in Japan during the first-half of 2009...

-- First half of 2009 --

1. Nintendo DS - 1,621,939
2. PSP - 1,177,511
3. Nintendo Wii - 639,788
4. Playstation 3 - 552,601
5. Xbox 360 - 214,221

-- Lifetime hardware sales with the latest data included --

1. Nintendo DS - 26,757,215
2. PSP - 12,255,995
3. Nintendo Wii - 8,166,609
4. Playstation 3 - 3,216,967
5. Xbox 360 - 1,080,388

Looks like our gaming friends in Japan are head over heels for portable gaming. The Wii is still the king of the home arena but overall, pales in comparison to its portable sister the Nintendo DS. I also wonder what is sustaining the PSP. Compared to the DS it is not as popular (there's a gap of 14,501,220 units) but, its not a complete failure. Either way, it's safe so say that Nintendo is still king of the gaming arena, whether its portable or home gaming with 34,923,824 overall units sold compared to Sony's 15,472,962 (PS3 and PSP) overall units sold.

Yes, Miyamoto San and Iwata San can go ahead and laugh their way to the bank!

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