Sunday, July 5, 2009

Power Rangers RPM Episode 16


Here is episode 16 of "Power Rangers RPM". Right now we are at the halfway point of the show. The next two episodes are the last produced by Eddie Guzelian. The remainder (19 - 32) will be produced by Judd Lynn. Hopefully 19 to 32 will be as good as Eddie's episodes.

Episode 16 "In or Out" 1/3

Episode 16 "In or Out" 2/3

Episode 16 "In or Out" 3/3


I decided to start adding "after episode" commentary to the RPM posts so, here goes...

First off I love how the team dynamic just changed because of the introduction of Gem and Gemma. They were the only ones who were ever able to get Doc K to open up so, one would expect for them to get her to lighten up again. I also like how Ziggy keeps trying to explain to K her age difference and the fact that her self proclamation as team mentor is odd. Speaking of Ziggy, I predicted it earlier and this episode proves it even further: K is crushin' on Ziggy. I think it's totally cute and they make a good couple, even if the two don't exactly understand that. Serious girl with goofy guy, the two adds balance to each other.

The plan created by Venjix to destroy the city in this episode was sheer greatness! It was not one of those "I want to rule the world, send down a monster" type of plans that has crowded the Power Rangers universe for almost 17 years. In comparison to everything else in Power Rangers it was original. To long time fans, that one episode of Lost Galaxy where Terra Venture was losing oxygen does not count. The oxygen loss was not a part of the plan but only a after effect of the force field created by the "monster of the day"

Gem and Gemmma need to learn how to take orders! I understand that the two are new and are used to doing their own thing but seriously, once you join the main ranger unit, there are rules, protocols, and even traditions to follow. Speaking of characters, I'm glad to see that Corporal Hicks had some more serious lines (not the usual goofiness.) It's also nice to see the interaction between Scott (Ranger Red) and his father Colonel Mason Truman. I think Truman might be slowly realizing that being defensive has to be balanced with some offensive action.

Ziggy's plan to leave the city using Station 19 was brilliant, especially with Flynn's input on changing the dome's time setting. Once again we get a good use of the Ranger's individual powers. The zord fight was pretty OK but, did its job at serving as a toy commercial. We were able to see Gold and Silver's zords in action. Its nice to see that Summer is the unofficial second in command of the team. I have always been font of the idea of a female second in command (Taylor, Yellow Wild Force Ranger being one and one can assume that Tori, Blue Ninja Storm Ranger is one). The end of the show with Doctor K's "positive reinforcement" was also a joy to watch, especially the ending when K could not finish her line to Ziggy. It was pure greatness! Overall, for being the halfway point, this was a good episode.

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