Saturday, July 11, 2009

Power Rangers RPM, Episode 17: "Prisoners"


Hey everyone,

Once again I'm bringing to you another new episode of Power Rangers RPM. We are now at episode 17. Firstly, sorry about the low quality of the video but it's still watchable. Secondly, the three videos are direct from the "ABC Kids" showing so expect to see the little in between "ABC Kids" ads.One more episode left in the group written by Eddie Guzelian sadly we wont see the next episode until next month. For now, enjoy!

Prisoners 1/3

Prisoners 2/3

Prisoners 3/3

-- After Episode Thoughts --

- The Sawbot was actually one of the few "monsters of the day" that I would like to have seen used for at least 2 episodes. It was one of those MOTD that had potential.

- Gem and Gemma are crazy... psychopathic even. The fact that they wanted to blow up the Venjix factory EVEN with the human workers inside adds a deranged flavor to the two.

- I LOVE all the throwbacks to earlier episodes. Doctor K reminding Dillon of the last adventure he had outside the dome, which ended up being a Venjix plot. Ziggy talking to Dillon about "change", bringing things back to full circle. Be sure to watch episode 1 (The Road to Corinth) for more on that last bit. Tanaya-7 whistling, Ziggy's shadow puppets and Flynn making another smoothie were all great throwbacks.

- I love how Scott is starting to get tired of his team disobeying his orders. Seriously, Scott needs to gain a bit more control of things but, I think he understands that, when it matters the most, everyone knows who is boss.

- I love Doctor K's little smirk at the end or reading Gem and Gemma's note about their "super secret mission". It shows how much she cares for the two as her best friends.

- Overall there were a few moments where I felt like the pace of the episode was a bit jumpy but the "doomsday device" cliffhanger at the end was great. Now to sit back and wait for next month.

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