Sunday, July 5, 2009

Nintendo DS/DS Lite Slot 2 Device Helps With Diabeties


We hear about people who claim that video games are bad for you. Since the beginnings of the DS and Wii brands, we now hear about, the loads of games that are directed at making you, more healthy or smarter. Here is a device that I believe will save a lot of lives. Its not every day I get to promote a gaming peripheral that can save a life but this device is truly special. Let me introduce to you, the "Didget". This Device will allow a child to monitor her or his glucose levels, and then rewards the child for entering in consistent data. Getting a younger diabetic into the routine of glocose monitoring can be difficult enough. It's nice to hear that there are companies that are willing to make the experience easier for diabetic children everywhere. The Device is created by Bayer so you can be assured that its a top notch product.

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