Monday, July 20, 2009

Random WWE Stories


Today I'm on something of a wrestling buzz. Because of that I'm going to bring you some bits of WWE news and follow them up with my comments.

- Article 1 -

Backstage News On Shelton Benjamin's WWE Status, More
Date Added: July 20, 2009
Story By: Tim Brown

Shelton Benjamin’s recent move to ECW was not done as a demotion, but rather in hopes that he’ll once again emerge as a big fish in a small pond. The PWTorch Newsletter reports that the company feels if he heats up on ECW, they can always move him back to RAW or SmackDown. Shelton’s reputation for years was that he’s a great athlete but lacks the motivation to live up to WWE’s expectations of him, and this caused his SmackDown push to be scaled back. The feeling of several sources is that he became complacent once he made some money, but has shed that reputation in recent months.

In another report by the PWTorch Newsletter, they state that WWE officials take into account the number of minority wrestlers they have on each brand. More than one source says that race was something taken into account as part of the recent 15-wrestler trade between brands.

- Comments -

While I would have liked to see Benjamin's push, last year, on SmackDown completed, I can totally see where the WWE is going with his new placement on ECW. Benjamin is in something of a parallel situation to Christian. They both BELONG on ECW (in the current state of the overall WWE). If placed on RAW or SmackDown, the two would be overshadowed by the other high carders. Because they are veterans and because of their name power, they can be very huge on ECW. I say keep them both on that show for about a year or even 2 years and let them help build ECW as a formidable brand.

As for the bit about the minority wrestlers being spread out across the brands, I can totally see that too. Why not try to appeal to a wider audience? I think its a smart move. Now if we can only have a minority world champion. I haven't seen one since Booker-T's run as the World Heavyweight Champion (on SmackDown).

- Article 2 -

Confirmed For Tonight's Edition Of WWE RAW
Date Added: July 20, 2009
Story By: Andy Steven

World Wrestling Entertainment will be taping part of this week’s WWE Superstars as well as this week’s edition of WWE Raw tonight from the RBC Center in Raleigh, North Carolina. This week’s special guest hosts of Raw will be Billy Gibbons & Dusty Hill of ZZ Top. John Cena & Triple H vs. Randy Orton & The Big Show is being advertised locally and will most likely be the dark match main event. Doors open at 7:15PM and bell time is scheduled for 8:15PM. Tickets still remain available for the event as of this writing.

- Comments -

I'm not a big fan of the RAW brand but I still watch it. This is the last RAW before "Night of Champions" (this Sunday on pay per view). Be sure to watch it tonight. There may be some surprises.

NOTE: These stories are from my favorite source for wrestling news Please be sure to check them out!

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