Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Words Can't Describe How Much I Miss...


This post is a general as it gets. I don't have any one person to direct this to but to the many people that I envy at times.

It must be really nice to be able to share your days with someone. To wake up to a smiling face. To be able to hug and kiss someone. To be able to say the three special words to that person. I envy you. I am jealous of you. When you and others like you walk down the street, holding the hand of your special someone, I can't bare to look your way. Like a cross to a vampire, it burns at me. There was a time where I thought I had what you had. It was the greatest moment of my life. It was all taken away, or so I thought. In reality, what I thought was there, was never there. It's so quiet here. I'm tired of hearing my own thoughts. I want to hear another voice floating in the invisible space between, to my ear. I miss having a pair of lips touching mine. I miss being hugged. I miss sharing a space. I miss just having someone nearby.

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