Monday, July 6, 2009

"Why Microsoft Lied" By, ELPRESADOR

NOTE: The following post contains language that may be offensive to some. Due to the nature of this post I am still giving this post the "Teen" rating. Honestly, the profanity is similar to what you would hear in a "Teen rated game that is pushing its rating (i.e. The Matrix games for PS2 GameCube, X-Box).


Being that this is mostly a Nintendo blog, it's very rare that I bring out news about the X-Box 360 or PlayStation 3 and the competition between the two systems. While I don't agree with ELPRESADOR's vision of a PlayStation 3 unit in every household, he does bring up a good point about the 360's infamous red ring problem and coming from someone who has worked on a couple of 360 units, his point is valid. I was actually looking for the new episode of FCW to post up here when I ran into this clip. The hilarity of ELPRESADOR's imitation of Bill Gates (voice) is something that should not be missed. Enjoy.

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