Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Florida Championship Wrestling 07/05/2009


Just as promised I am posting up this past Sunday's episode of FCW. Please forgive the delay. I'm at the mercy of the kind person who is posting these episodes up. FCW (Florida Championship Wrestling) is a WWE "minor league" show that is aired on Sundays at 7pm. The thing that makes FCW special is that some of the FCW superstars are actually members of the ECW roster (WWE's Tuesday show). I hope you enjoy.

[1/6] - Mr. Tarver Vs El Sicodelico

[2/6] - Abraham Washington Speaking

[3/6] - Trent Beretta Vs Justin Angel

[4/6] - Rosa Mendes Vs Angela

[5/6] - Kris Logan Vs Johnny Curtis

[6/6] - Tyler Reks Vs Agent T

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