Sunday, July 19, 2009

Long Blogging Vacation


Its been a long week since I have created any blog post. Honestly, most of the gaming news of last week was pretty unappealing. On the personal side of things, I'm living a real life soap opera and I really needed the time to try to figure things out. Did I? No. Things are clearer in some areas but even more confusing in others. Everyone tells me I just need to write a book about my life. I guess with all of the drama, it would make for an interesting read. I wouldn't make it so blatant but maybe a slightly altered version of my life for a fictional character would be nice. As for other thing that I was doing last week, lets just say Ive been working hard on a laptop. Its mostly perfect but still has battery and WiFi issues.

Right now, my head hurts like crazy. I'm still stressin'. some people know why, others just wont. Have to make a quick run to the bank today to drop this money off for my
electric bill. "Yay, something else to worry about. On a bright side, I get to go see WWE Friday Night Smackdown, this Tuesday. You're probably thinking;"how exactly do you see a Friday show on Tuesday?" SmackDown is pre-recorded as well as WWE Superstars and ECW is displayed live. My guess is that at 6:30 they will record the 2 hours of SmackDown, then change the rope color (from SD blue to ECW silver) and ring drape to record the SmackDown and ECW contributions to this Thursday's episode of Superstars and then when 10:00pm hits, they will change the drapes once more to to the live showing of ECW. That's right! THREE shows for the price of one! Almost five hours (give or take dark matches) of wrestling! I cant wait. Anywho, I'm outie. I need to find this disc that has a backup of all my work and music.


Here's my horoscope for today...

- Cancer -

"The spotlight looks absolutely lovely on you. So enjoy the warmth. Go on and shine."

Today: Jul 19, 2009

After a busy spell and lots of new beginnings, your life is entering a period of many terminations. The good news is that nothing is going to be over that doesn't need to be over. The people who are good for you and represent a positive force in your life aren't going anywhere! Transitional periods like this can be difficult, but you are blessed with an emotional intelligence that helps you see that things happen for a reason in life. This will make you stronger -- for sure.

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